Titans of the Past @ Science Centre

We attended the media launch of Titans of the Past at the Science Centre last Thursday and were totally wowed by the exhibits.

Featuring the real fossil of the world’s largest T.Rex skull, the Growth and Behaviour of Dinosaurs is a unique exhibition that features the original research conducted by Museum of the Rockies Paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner and his research team. The other component of the exhibition (Aurea Exhibitions, Argentina) showcases the Argentinosaurus and the Giganotosaurus as well as the Ice Age creatures.

Before the exhibition was officially declared open, we had some fun watching others get beautiful dino tattoos, make origami dinosaurs, and of course the must-have dinosaur balloons.

We got a blue stegosaurus and a yellow T-rex

We were first greeted by the skull of former Torosaurus:

and since one component of the exhibition is about the growth of dinosaurs, there was a whole range of triceratops specimens:

We even heard the differences in sound a grown Hypacrosaurus makes compared to a juvenile and a baby Hypacrosaurus.

Here’s sharing my kids’ favourite video I took at the exhibition – the loud crunching of bones!

Other breath-taking sights that I’ve only seen on television and finally saw up-close before my eyes… and these are what you can feast your eyes on:

titans of the past science centre

titans of the past science centre

The Argentinosaurus Skeleton – Largest sauropod ever found 36m (L) x 7m (H)

And the highlight of the exhibition:

There are also extremely interesting exhibits like this – guessing the dino’s diet from its poo:

And this is the budding paleontologist’s dream –

Be prepared. Be very prepared to stay here for a long long time.

The last area of the exhibition showcases 10 animatronics animals from the Ice Age presented in scenes depicting their habitats. Showing you a few here and I’ll leave you to check out the rest on your own!

titans of the past science centre

Admission charges are as follow:

Adult $25, Child (3-12years) $19

The Titans of the Past exhibition will run from 25/10/13 – 23/2/14 at The Science Centre Singapore, Annexe.


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