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Hi! Welcome to Simply Mommie and thank you for your interest in collaborating with me.

I was a former college teacher and became a stay-home mother when I had my two children (my daughter – born in July 2008 and my son – born in Oct 2011). I keep myself updated on the latest products and services which may be beneficial for myself and my family members. I will provide honest reviews for all products and services and will not review items/ services that I/ my family members have not personally tried.

I have co-authored a cookbook published by Marshall Cavendish and have been featured by The Sunday Times, Daily Candy and very popular early childhood education blogs: In Lieu of Preschool, Living Montessori Now, Hands on as We Grow, Growing a Jeweled Rose, Kids Activities Blog, One Perfect Day, Rainy Day Mum, Weekly Kids Co-op, I Can Teach My Child, Learn Play Imagine and Housing a Forest.

I’m always happy to review products and services and host giveaways, so if you are a business and would like me to write a review/ advertorial/ sponsored post, please drop me a note at

I am open to doing advertorials and working on campaigns with major brands as well as hotels.

I’ve worked with big brands and organisations such as 3M, Dyson, Philips, Abbott, The Learning Lab, British Council, Canon, Dove, Nivea, Lifebuoy, Drypers, RedMart, Honest Bee, National Environment Agency (NEA), Sentosa, Changi Airport, Singapore Science Centre, Far East Hospitality and Legoland Malaysia among others.

Please take note of the following review requirements:

This is a family-oriented blog and hence I will be glad to review/ host a giveaway any product/ service in this area. My niche areas are home improvement, education, cooking/ food reviews, and I’m open to trying out beauty products and services. As we don’t travel much out of Singapore, we love going for staycations, so if you’re looking for a staycation review, please contact me.

Feel free to contact me if your product/ service does not fall neatly into these categories.

  • This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship and other forms of compensation.
  • For product review, the item will be shipped to me at the company’s expense.
  • Products shipped to me for review are non-returnable.
  • Requests for preview of review before the entry goes ‘live’ will be gladly accommodated (but please indicate so that I can revert to you with the draft).
  • For sponsorship of products/services <$1K, please note that statistics of the campaign will not be submitted to the client.
  • Please click the links to view the advertorials and reviews I’ve done thus far.

I will only endorse, promote, recommend or give away products/ services that I would use in my home and recommend to my family and friends. If, after use of your product/ service, I feel as though I may not be able to write a review that will be beneficial to both parties, I will contact you immediately.

I reserve the right to decline any review/ giveaway/ sponsorship opportunity which is not suitable or relevant to my family or blog needs.

You can reach me at and we can take the discussion from there. Thanks!