Food for Kids

NOTE: I’m updating this page so you can find what you want more easily! Please bear with me as I juggle my time around looking after my family and maintaining this blog!

Want to cook for your kids but can’t find Asian recipes? Here are some of my favourite recipes for food for kids which I’ve tried with my children! Some of these were served when they were preschoolers, while some when they were toddlers – but you can modify for your children as you deem fit! 🙂

But first, before you browse and click on the thumbnails, you’d find that there are some overlaps and some recipes appear in a few sections – these aren’t duplicates but to facilitate easier search for you, especially when you want to zoom in on a particular type of dish.

For those with really little ones, you might be interested to read my diary of feeding my first child below. Other than that, feel free to browse through the list here. I only include recipes that I have fed my children in this section; for more recipes suitable for the family and adults, hop over to the Recipes for Family section.

If you are too busy to cook, you can try out Martabak too.

  • 1-dish meals

chicken congee recipeChicken congeefish porridge recipeFish porridge chicken macaroni soup recipeChicken macaroni soupsalmon mushroom wafu pastaSalmon mushroom wafu pasta
cottage piesCottage piesstir fried egg noodlesStir fried egg noodlestau yu bakTau Yu Bak (Dark Soy sauce pork)Easy Chicken Wraps
easy chicken stew recipeChicken stewJapanese hamburgerJapanese HamburgerLemon Chicken cutlet ricecrockpot beef stewCrockpot beef stew
stewed pork ribs with chestnutsStewed pork ribs with chestnutseasy baked riceEasy baked riceeasy aglio olio recipeEasy Aglio OlioMinced pork fried rice
Easy soup base for noodle soup Stewed Ee-Fu noodles Easy fried riceFried bee hoon
Fresh lily bulb with wolfberries porridgeSweet potato porridge for toddlers (with modified si shen soup)
  • Basic stock recipes for porridges/ soups –

Basic soup baseEasy soup base for noodle soupBaby-led weaning: Fruit stock/ meat & veg stock
  • Breakfast ideas

Easy blueberry muffinsCroque madameEgg dropBanana choc chip muffins
Green bean barley soupMini cottage piesMini Banana muffinsSweet potato soup
Strawberry banana smoothie
  • Soups

Huai Shan (Chinese Yam) soup

radish soup recipeRadish soup

basic soup base recipeBasic soup baseEasy chicken stock recipe
lotus root soupGreen radish and carrot soup recipeblack bean soup recipesi shen soup recipe
Lotus root soup with fen geGreen radish and carrot soupBlack bean soupModified si shen soup
cabbage stockCabbage stockTofu Sweet Corn soupApple chicken herbal soupgreen papaya fish soupPapaya fish soup
Green marrow (mao gua) soupGlass noodles soup (Dong fen tang)Bak Kut Tehold cucumber soup with carrotOld cucumber soup with carrot
winter melon soupWinter melon soupPeanut soup recipePeanut souppotato and carrot soup recipePotato and carrot soupspinach soup recipeSpinach soup recipe
tomato egg drop soupwatercress soupcream of mushroom souprotisserie chicken stock
Tomato egg drop soupWatercress soupCream of mushroom soupRotisserie chicken stock
chicken cabbage soupChicken Cabbage soup
  • Porridge

Fish porridgeChicken congeeSweet potato porridge for toddlers (with modified si shen soup)Fresh lily bulb with wolfberries porridge
  • Desserts

 Blueberry muffinsBanana choc chip muffinsMango SorbetGlutinous rice balls in osmanthus red date soup
Christmas cupcakes for kidsWater chestnuts sweet corn dessert soupGreen bean barley dessert soupBlack sesame glutinous rice balls in almond soybean
Chayote barley dessert (佛手瓜薏米甜汤)Fresh lily bulb dessert 鮮百合甜汤Sweet potato soupFresh foxnut (Euryale seed) dessert 鮮芡實甜湯
Quick and easy brownies
  • FISH

 Ritz crumbed cod cod potato ballsCod potato balls fish porridge recipeFish porridge baked crumbed codBaked crumbed cod
Air-fried Cod Bites Teriyaki codSteamed cod with soy sauceHoney soy salmon
Sardines in tomato sauceHong Kong styled steamed fishTeriyaki Salmon
  • Noodles/ Pasta

stir fried egg noodlesStir fried egg noodleseasy aglio olio recipeEasy Aglio Olio chicken macaroni soup recipeChicken macaroni soupsalmon mushroom wafu pastaSalmon mushroom wafu pasta
Easy soup base for noodle soupStewed Ee-Fu noodlesFried bee hoonwhite bee hoon recipeWhite bee hoon    (白米粉)
Easy white pasta sauce – no cream neededVegetable Pasta Sauce

Feeding my fussy baby – my first child’s feeding diary