I used to be a frumpy and almost unkempt stay-home mom. I didn’t put on makeup, wore nothing but tank tops, loose T-shirts, shorts and slippers. And I mostly went around with the smell of milk masquerading as my ‘perfume’.

Years later – much later after I started this blog – I decided that I wasn’t going to fall into the prototype of a stay-home mom who doesn’t look after herself. I started to put on makeup, take better care of my skin, and put in more effort in dolling myself up. Thanks to Youtube, and lots of practice, I can now put on basic makeup within five minutes and leave the house looking fresh and confident.

Always hoping to get into shape (I know round is a shape, too), I am always looking for ways to look even leaner and slimmer. I don’t aspire to be a skinny model or stick-thin or have an A4 waist. I want to look healthy, toned; I want to exude confidence and positivity.

If you are a business and would like me to review your products/ services or you think you can help me on my journey to be a fashionable, gorgeous mom (those terms aren’t oxymorons!), drop me a note via my email

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