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Having breastfed for more than 5 years (and still counting), I truly appreciate the ease with which I can breastfeed when I’m wearing nursing clothes. If you’re a new breastfeeding mother and lack confidence, I say, get yourself some nursing wear and feel the boost in confidence. The problem with nursing wear however is that most are really just functional and there is hardly design or style to speak of. In fact, many of the first few pieces of nursing wear I bought earlier were just bought solely based on the coverage they gave and the ease of use rather than whether I looked good.

Now that I’ve done this breastfeeding gig for this long, I think it’s about time to look for nursing wear that is both functional and fashionable. And that’s just what Dote nursing wear is about.

I had the pleasure of choosing from Dote’s autumn collection for the review and I chose the Sidney top in peach (also available in blue) and the Julia dress in black (also available in plum).

Paired the top with a pair of denim shorts and ballet pumps for a short trip out to the library

I really love the soft fabric of the Sidney top and soft fabric’s really good for nursing because it’s easy to lift up and nurse (nursing opening: empire) and when the fabric gathers around near the baby’s face, you know your little one isn’t the least bit uncomfortable.

photo taken in the car on the move

The Sidney top provides full coverage when nursing and is super comfy to wear in our warm and humid weather. I chose to wear it when we spent a day out at River Safari and was kept comfortable the whole time.

I wore the Julia dress when I went to celebrate my aunt’s birthday at Rise @ Marina Bay Sands last Tuesday and I received many compliments that night and the best part – nobody could tell that it was a nursing dress!

erm, lighting wasn’t good plus my mum took the photo. Haha. But you can tell that the dress is lovely, right?

Now, just in case you want a clearer photo, I forced my hubby to take a couple of quick shots before we rushed off to shower and tuck the kids to sleep (it was already half past eleven when we got back).

I love the 3/4 -length lace sleeves!

Close up shot of the laced sleeve

To nurse, pull up the top layer at the empire band to access nursing openings underneath. No photos while nursing my boy when I was in the dress as he didn’t ask for milk till we were in the car and it was late and impossible to get a shot in the darkness. This dress doesn’t provide full coverage as the Sidney top does – shows a little skin but it shouldn’t be obvious if someone is viewing from the front as it’d probably be covered by baby’s head.

The Julia dress can be worn during maternity and erm, in my case since I went for a dinner buffet, I thought it was the perfect dress to hide the bulge after binging. 😀

Like my nursing wear? Dote is giving away a $100 gift card over at their Facebook page. Check out the contest details in this Facebook post containing the link to my blog post! The giveaway ends on 7 November, 2359hrs. Good luck ladies! Meanwhile, you can visit Dote’s online store to view the full range of stylish nursing wear.


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