Prawn noodle soup recipe

prawn noodle soup recipe

I seldom cook prawn noodle soup because we didn’t use to consume many prawns so it took forever to accumulate sufficient prawn heads and shells to cook the dish. Sometimes when I finally have enough, the previous frozen ones are so old that I don’t dare to use them at all!

Now that our kids are older and both love prawns (especially my boy!), I’ve been buying prawns a lot more often! And that means that prawn heads and shells accumulate much faster in my freezer and before I knew it, I had more than enough to make the prawn broth, so it was just a matter of assembling the dish together and finally putting the prawn noodle soup recipe on the blog. I know I haven’t posted a recipe in eons since I cut down blogging drastically last year, but trust me, I actually do have recipes to post and they should be appearing soon on the blog over the course of the year.

prawn noodle soup recipe

That’s 1.3kg of prawn heads and shells in there!

The house smells very heavenly when the broth is cooking and the soup turned out to be so rich with prawn flavours. Don’t be stingy with the fried shallots and oil – it enhances the taste! (I’m not a fan of lard due to health reasons but I’m sure those who love it will attest to lard adding another dimension to its taste)

prawn noodle soup recipe

I added less soup for the photos so that the ingredients are more visible :D

I added minced pork (I rolled them into small balls before placing them in the soup) for the kids to consume the meat easily compared to eating pork ribs. You could totally do without the minced pork and just use pork ribs.

prawn noodle soup recipe

One typical serving for the kids

We had leftover broth which I used to cook a simple noodle soup with a batch of fresh ingredients for lunch for the kids and I, so that effort in the kitchen settled two meals in a way! :)

Check out my other one-dish meals in my directory under the Recipes for the family tab ;)

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Prawn noodle soup recipe
Recipe type: Mains
Cuisine: Chinese
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 3-4
  • 1kg prawn heads and shells (I used about 1.3kg this time after accumulating for about 3 weeks, but 1kg should be fine)
  • 12-14 prawns (number dependent on your preference)
  • 300g pork ribs
  • 80g minced pork (optional) - I added this in so my kids could consume the pork easily compared to pork ribs
  • 1 packet kangkong (from supermarket)
  • 600g yellow noodles
  • 3L water/ stock
  • 40g fishcake (sliced)
  • a few pieces of dried scallop
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • Fried shallots and shallot oil - I normally prep a week's supply, but if you don't have this, just slice 6 shallots thinly then fry the shallots in step 4
Marinade for minced pork (if using):
  • 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
  • 1 teaspoon chinese wine
  • 1 teaspoon sesame oil
  • a couple of dashes of ground black pepper
  1. If using minced pork, marinate the minced pork at least half an hour ahead of cooking time.
  2. Rinse the prawn heads and shells. Set aside.
  3. Place the pork ribs in a pot of water with just enough water to cover them. Bring to a boil. Discard the water and set the pork ribs aside.
  4. In a soup pot, add shallot oil and fried shallots (if you don't have this, just add some cooking oil and fry the sliced shallots till golden brown and set aside 1-2 tablespoons of the fried shallot for garnishing later).
  5. With the remaining fried shallots in the pot, add the prawn heads and shells and fry till fragrant. Use the spatula or potato masher to press on the prawn heads for the flavour to be released.
  6. Add the water and pork ribs and bring to a boil. (I used a combination of water and stock because I happened to have some stock on hand)
  7. Reduce the heat and simmer for 2 hours.
  8. Once the broth is ready, sieve off the prawn heads and shells and return the pork ribs and broth to the pot.
  9. Bring some water to boil in another pot and blanch the kangkong. Set aside.
  10. In the same pot, cook the prawns till they turn pink. Remove and set aside.
  11. Blanch the fishcake slices. Set aside.
  12. Using the same pot, blanch the yellow noodles. Place the noodles in individual serving bowls and top with the cooked kangkong, fishcake and prawns. (I blanched the noodles last in that pot of water as the yellow noodles will 'taint' the boiling water and I didn't want the rest of the ingredients to be affected by it)
  13. Season the broth with the seasoning to taste then pour the prawn broth into each bowl and top with pork ribs.
  14. Garnish with fried shallots and more shallot oil if desired. Serve with chilli powder or chilli padi if desired.


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15 things I will do differently in 2015

I used to make resolutions when I was younger. All the way until I was in university.

Then one day, my brother asked, “Why do you bother to paste up your resolutions on your cupboard when you’re not gonna keep them?”

I shrugged and swore I’d keep them.

I can’t remember if I eventually did – I’m pretty sure I didn’t keep all of them, but I think I ought to have managed some, or a few. But after that year, I stopped making resolutions.

It’s the second month of 2015 and here I am, trying to start making some sort of resolution again, some ten years later. These aren’t really resolutions per se, but I hope to make some changes in my life in 2015 so here they are and I’ve grouped them into various areas of my life:

1. Exercise more

Ever since I lost my pre-pregnancy weight,I’m sad to say that I got conceited and stopped exercising regularly and after a major binging period of time during the mid-autumn festival in 2013, I haven’t managed to get my weight down and it has only increased over the years. This year, I hope to do more yoga, cycle more often on my stationary bike, and I may even consider signing up for Zumba classes at the nearby Community Club.

2. Make wiser food choices

As mentioned in my first point, I made very poor food choices back in 2013 (I ate one mooncake per day for at least 14 days!) and I haven’t been eating very healthy food most of the time, unable to fend off the temptations of chocolate, ice-cream and cakes. Coupled with a less-than-healthy lifestyle of not doing enough exercise, it has led to excessive weight gain. :( Hence, I shall be eating less sweet, indulgent desserts and less deep-fried foods.

3. Eat at regular intervals

It seems almost impossible that a glutton should suffer from gastric and hyper acidity problems, but it’s true. I started the year badly by trying to skip a tea break in the afternoon so I could reduce the calorie intake but I ended up hurting my stomach instead and the problem lasted the whole of January. Looks like eating small meals at regular intervals would be the way to go for me.

4. Better utilise me-time

This point is actually linked to the next. I actually spend quite a bit of time at night playing games on my phone after the kids have slept. Hopefully I can cut down on playing and do more meaningful stuff like reflecting on the day and planning for the next.

5. Sleep earlier

I’ve been sleeping late because of my preference to game or hang around Facebook aimlessly. For a more rested day ahead, to ensure a less grouchy me, and for better health, I’d have to adjust my sleeping time. This one’s gonna be tough!

I’m continuing with homeschooling my boy and he’s supposed to be in N2 this year.

6. Be more disciplined

I really need to be more disciplined as sometimes it’s really easy to just decide not to do any formal schooling for the day due to lethargy or a late night. I need to work on having the discipline to follow through what I’ve planned.

7. To be more organised

Truth be told, I’m quite a disorganised person. But as a first step to becoming more organised, I have worked out the list of teaching aids I have at home and will be rotating those in my teaching! I also need to work out schedules and follow through. I have planned to do the main part of teaching while my girl is in school and I’m still learning to multitask teaching both at the same time at night as my boy likes being involved at night while my girl is working on her homework or extra practice given by me. It’s tough because both crave my attention and I’m still figuring out the best way to go about this. I’m also still wondering if I should revive the workbox system to get even more organised – I shall see how it goes.

8. Act rather than just plan

I can plan pretty well, but am super lousy in executing my plans. I shall have to get my act together!

9. Revive lit-based learning with my boy

This year, I shall be embarking on the Before Five in a Row curriculum and hopefully Five in a Row with my boy. I used to do literature-based learning with my girl and she loved it so I think I shall also use this approach to teaching my boy but this time with more structure with the guides.

   the mixed up chameleon activities the very hungry caterpillar

Above are just a few examples of what we’ve done (click on the previous link to see the posts classified in that category; click on the pictures to bring you to the post).

10. De-clutter more

I’m glad to say that I’ve been quite in the mood to declutter and I’ve thrown out and given away a fair bit of stuff but there’s still more to go! It’s actually quite therapeutic to see the house with less stuff and knowing that the items are with someone who needs the stuff more than we do makes me happy and more motivated to clear more.

11. Be more prudent in spending 

I’ve made some impulsive buys over the years and I’ve come to realise that if I can just exercise more control over the spending and buying, there’ll eventually be less to declutter.

12. Carve out more couple time

With our kids becoming less dependent on us, I’m pretty glad we can finally spend more time together as a couple as they love to go over to my mum’s. This year, we watched Joe Labero’s amazing show – and I hope there’ll be more opportunities to just go out for a show or a meal together.

13. Be more patient

My girl just started Primary one this year and there are lots of changes in our routine and lives. It of course significantly affects her most since she is the one who’s going through the major adjustments: learning to cope with early waking hours, longer school hours, stricter rules and environment, learning to deal with finances, learning to become more independent. Hence, I know I need to exercise more patience this year with her to make her transition to Primary school as smooth as possible. (Please follow us on the Journeying through Primary One series as I share various aspects of transitioning to and coping in Primary One)

14. Spend more quality time with loved ones

With a better organised life and routine, hopefully there’ll be more time to cuddle with kids! Also, I will make it a point to chat more with my mum.

15. Stop to pray more instead of rushing about my ways

Without this point, probably all the planning will go to waste! :)


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IMG_20141211_183234Lynn is (mostly) a SAHM who loves to spend time in her kitchen cooking and baking. Apart from that, she also devotes her time to planning and creating teaching resources for her daughter, Faith, and to organize playdates for her. She believes that play matters for children and adults alike and tries to spend time in the outdoors as often as she can. Making lists is nothing new to her because she finds it fun to ‘tick’ each item off the list. Let’s find out what she would do differently in 2015!


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