Baby Panda Finds His Way by Emily Lim {+Year-End Promo}

Baby Panda Finds His Way is a complete hit with the panda-crazy boy I have at home (who’s ever heard of a boy who insists on the same panda cake for every birthday celebration?). Well, apart from bringing him to the River Safari to get his dose of pandas, getting panda-themed books works very well too (and is much more economical!).

It helps that the story of Baby Panda Finds His Way is engaging and something that he can relate to, considering the fact that he’s got his own ideas now and sometimes can be quite insistent on his ways.

Baby Panda has little respect for others and doesn’t even respect his food (he plays with his bamboo and even does kungfu with it). He has little regard for what others have to say, even if it’s wise words of wisdom and he was too proud to admit that he needed help when he was lost. Not telling you what happened in between, but just know that Baby Panda eventually learned his lesson. It’s a good read, as with Emily Lim’s other books. ūüėÄ

Year-end Pop-Up E-Bookstore Promotion 

This year-end, I’m¬†hosting a limited period book sale of author Emily Lim’s award-winning titles on the blog because I’m such a fan! These make perfect Christmas presents for children! You can read my earlier reviews of her books¬†by clicking on the links.¬†Get a FREE copy of¬†Baby Panda Finds His Way book for purchases of $50 and up (only for the first 15 purchases of $50 and above)!

Prince Bear & Pauper Bear and The Tale of Rusty Horse

Bunny Finds the Right Stuff and Just Teddy

Tibby the Tiger-Bunny

Tibby and Duckie

From 9 Nov to 21 Nov 2015, purchase of these books comes with autograph and free delivery*! 

Toy Titles are priced as follows:

Prince Bear & Pauper Bear         S$12

The Tale of Rusty Horse              S$12

Just Teddy                                   S$12

Bunny Finds The Right Stuff       S$12

Toy set of 4 titles                         S$36 (4 for the price of 3) 

Tibby The Tiger Bunny                S$15

Tibby & Duckie                            S$15

Tibby The Tiger Bunny + Tibby & Duckie set            S$27 (10% off if you buy it as a set)

*Free postal delivery within Singapore only

These books make great year-end gifts and you get the convenience of having them sent to you. Simply email with your book orders during this offer period!

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The end of breastfeeding… for good

It took me a long time to sit down and compose this. Sure, it’s easy to celebrate the first smile, the first word, the first step. What do we do with their lasts? The last time they need our help for a shower, the last time they need a bedtime story, the last time they are small enough to be¬†carried, the last time they need us to tuck them in and kiss them goodnight. I shudder as think of those lasts as I document the first ‘last’.

I’ve finally stopped breastfeeding.

We actually stopped in August, over the Jubilee long weekend. He was two months to four years old then. I’d been asking him when he’d stop, and he told me when he turns four. But I guess he changed his mind.

It happened overnight, so I was not mentally prepared that he would stop, just like that. I mean yes, he’s old enough to stop and I should have seen it coming. But as with every little thing about kids, mama’s heart is never really ready to let it go.

Truth be told, I was getting a little sick and tired of him nursing at night, which explained why I was prompting him to stop then. Yet, when it really happened, I felt a deep sense of loss. I hadn’t cherished that last time – because I didn’t know it was the last.

Over that long weekend, I gently probed if he’d like to have a last nursing session with me. I needed that closure, and I was sure he wouldn’t start wanting to nurse again just because of this one time. I knew he was ready to let it go. I was, too. But I wanted to experience it, for the last time, knowing it was the last. It was important to me.

I made sure I took the time to hold him close, smell his hair and gaze¬†at that not-so-little face as he nursed for the last time. I was grateful that he gave me closure. After that last nursing session in my bed, he took his panda bear and walked off to sleep in his own bed (yes, he decided he’d take two¬†steps towards independence together over the same weekend). And that was it. The last drop of breast milk.

I felt so relieved when my firstborn stopped breastfeeding¬†a week¬†before she turned four years old (you can read about my extended breastfeeding journey here) because tandem breastfeeding was just so tiring. But now that I’ve breastfed for a grand total of seven years and a month, it’s almost surreal that my breastfeeding journey has finally come to an end.

It was a painful journey at first and I never expected that I’d last for seven years on this journey. I was actually aiming for three months, six months at best! ūüėÄ

Apart from the pain that I remember, I know I’ll never forget the two most memorable things about breastfeeding – the contentment on the baby’s face after a feed,

My boy when he was almost 2 months old, after a nursing session.

and the joy nursing brought to my children and I.

My girl when she was four months old. She’s seven YEARS old already! Time has flown by!


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