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So we’ve been staying at our place for over two years now. And we have added some items to decorate the place or get it more organised over these couple of years, like the organising stackable shoe boxes which I used for other storage, extra cushions for the sofa, and the beautiful blooms I’ve gotten from time to time.

This time, we decided to add one more item to our living room to make it more homely and cozy and so a bean bag it was! We have been actually talking about adding a bean bag for a few months already, even before Masons Home Decor contacted me about their bean bag. That’s definitely a sign! Besides, everyone at home was for the idea of a bean bag and the kids were trying to lay claim on it even before I had placed an order for it.

We got the Cocoon Bean bag from Masons and we agreed on the scarlet red XL bean bag. The Cocoon Bean bag comes in three sizes and multiple colours, so you can choose according to your preference and your home theme. The XL bean bag we got is significantly larger than most other bean bags in the market so it is something we all can use, not just the kids. The XL size is suitable for people above 60kg and below 1.8m.

Reading on a hot afternoon on the bean bag after school

The theme in our house is modern industrial. We like the browns, greys and dark metal but I’ve been craving for a splash of colour, which explains the brightly coloured cushions of late and now, a scarlet red beanbag. I think the beanbag fits in pretty well. It’s almost like the highlight now of our hall and the presence of a beanbag definitely softens the harshness of the industrial feel. Like who doesn’t like to lounge on a beanbag right?

Not so studious, but everyone needs a break

The Cocoon Bean Bag is made with Masons’ own hybrid fabrics to provide maximum comfort, durability, and easy maintenance. I was surprised that the linen was so comfortable and cooling! When buying bean bags, it is also important to check what goes inside it. For the Cocoon Bean Bag, it is powered by RecoFlex® Bean Bag refills, providing ergonomic comfort while dissipating heat which is very crucial for our hot climate in Singapore. The Bean Bag filling is also long lasting and odourless.

There’s a zip at the bottom for you to remove the cover. Underneath it is another zip where you can easily access the Bean Bag filling. Should you need to replace the filling, you can get the refill on Masons’ website.

You can check out more details and place your order of the Cocoon Bean Bag here. I just wish we had gotten our bean bag earlier, like during the start of the Circuit Breaker. The kids would have had definitely more time to spend on it!

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Sushi Delivery: Sushi delivered to the doorstep

Life as we know has changed forever since Covid-19. Despite the Circuit Breaker being over and being in Phase 2 now, eating at home is still the norm for us. In fact, I think that is the case still for most in Singapore.

We’ve tried different types of food deliveries, including our previous crab dinner, but last week was the first time we had sushi from Sushi Delivery after checking out the sushi delivery options on Best in Singapore.

Weeknight dinner was settled by ordering sushi in so I wouldn’t have to rush home to cook after sending the kids for Chinese tuition. Anyway, I had a really bad day at work that day and the sight of the sumptuous spread really made me smile!

So much happiness in a photo, don’t you think?

We ordered:

1. Champion Floss Maki (8pcs)
2. Hana Maki (5pcs)
3. Salmon Sashimi
4. Chuka Hotate
6. Buta Yaki (Pork Belly)
7. Chicken Karaage (8pcs)
8. Chicken Wing Sesame
9. Gyoza 6pcs
10. Shrimp Crouton (5pcs )
11. Tamago Mentai (4pcs)
12. California maki (8pc)

Dinner arrived within the delivery time slot and the hot food and cold sushi were packed in separate plastic bags. There were also cold packs to keep the sashimi and sushi nice and cold.

Salmon Sashimi
Hana Maki
Shrimp Crouton
Buta Yaki
Chicken Wing Sesame
Picture of bliss

Hands down, the salmon sashimi was my hubby’s and my favourite because it was really fresh. It is no wonder as Sushi Delivery secures their fish supplies in Tsukiji fish market before shipping them directly to Singapore in optimum ice-cold conditions. Not only is the fish freshly sourced from Japan, but Sushi Delivery’s sushi rice is also as well. 

The only disappointment was discovering that wasabi and the Jap soy sauce did not come with the dinner. It was too late for me to go out and get some so we just had to eat without the wasabi and sauce. That dampened the experience somewhat but the dinner was still satisfying.

The Buta Yaki was a hit with my son (he ate most of it) while my girl preferred the california maki and chicken wings. I was actually quite surprised she took to the wings because I thought it might be a tad spicy for her, but apparently, I’m wrong. The Buta Yaki don was really fragrant and the textures and flavours of the different ingredients came together very well. I highly recommend it. The Champion Floss Maki didn’t wow us so much because I think the floss got soggy. But overall, it was a dinner that definitely had something that pleased everyone. 🙂

Our sushi delivery experience was a positive one and if you’re craving sushi, Sushi Delivery has a wide range of sushi, appetizers, sides and complete bowls without compromising on taste or freshness. We were glad to have stepped out of our comfort zone to try ordering something we would normally only have at dine-in restaurants, thanks to the recommendation on Best in Singapore!

Disclosure: We were provided with a sushi meal for purposes of the review. All opinions are ours.

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