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It’s finally term break and even though we are basically stuck at home with the impending PSLE, we still had a sweet break with our customised Build Your Own Cake from Cake Delivery Singapore. Why settle for a conventional cake when we can build our own?

Here’s what we chose:

Chocolate Truffle, Red Velvet, Burnt Cheesecake, Biscoff Cheesecake and Pistachio Rose

Although it was quite near to dinnertime when the cake arrived, that did not stop us from indulging in a slice of cake each. There’s always room for cake, any time of the day. I really like this concept of being able to choose my customised flavours – it’s definitely a crowd pleaser.

The Taste Test

I like that all the flavours were not overly sweet. I may have a soft spot for cakes, but if it’s too sweet, I won’t be able to stomach more than half of it. Thankfully, the cakes from Cake Delivery Singapore struck a good balance between sweetness and creaminess such that you won’t feel so sick of eating it and eating more than one slice at a time is definitely doable. Now, I’m not too sure if that sounds like a good thing for the diet!

My hubby and I zoomed in on the cheesecakes first. Ooh, both were delightful! I must say that of all the flavours, the Biscoff Cheesecake is my absolute favourite. There’s a nice crunch which goes along with the cheesecake and I think the pairing of the biscoff with cheesecake is so divine. But I might be biased because there’s always biscoff in my house. 😀 The Burnt Cheesecake looks quite different from the picture in the website, but the taste is marvelous still. This one felt richer than the biscoff cheesecake but it is still one of my favourites.

The Pistachio Rose Cake has a really floral fragrance in every bite. I’m allergic to tree nuts so I didn’t really eat it myself but it was well-loved. The Red Velvet Cake feels light and even though the cake is slightly dry, it pairs well with the cream so you won’t feel that it’s too dry or overwhelming in taste.

The Chocolate Truffle Cake has a rich, oozy chocolate ganache centre that’s surrounded by fluffy, moist sponge cake and coated with cocoa powder. The sponge cake was definitely moist compared to the Pistachio Rose and Red Velvet. The chocolate ganache centre was really rich and decadent and the only sound that my daughter and I made was “Mmmm” as we ate each mouthful. If you are a chocolate cake lover, this is for you. If you’re on a diet, then you shouldn’t be reading this post. 😀 Speaking of which, I think I need to go on a diet soon.

Delicious cakes are not that difficult to find, but what sets Cake Delivery Singapore apart from others is their commitment to deliver their delectable cakes on the same day or even midnight/ 24-hr delivery. You can read more about their delivery schedule here. There’s even a full refund in store credits if they don’t meet their delivery timing (1-hr slots)! Now with Cake Delivery Singapore, a midnight surprise cake delivery is possible!

Disclosure: All opinions are mine. No monetary compensation was received.

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Stone Oven Handcrafted Pizzas | Pizza Delivery Singapore

Lately, it has been reported that 4 out of 10 Covid-19 patients go about their daily routines while infectious. That’s pretty alarming considering that we are in phase two of the Circuit Breaker and we are returning to pre-Covid days gradually. For us, it means that we still try to order in or takeaway when I’m not cooking, just in case.

Pizza is one of our favourites when we order food in. We are always game to try out new eateries so when we saw that Pizza Delivery Singapore rated as one of the 13 Best Pizza Deliveries in Singapore, we decided to give it a go.

And we were not disappointed!

Pizza Delivery Singapore offers freshly made pizzas that are made by their head chefs trained in Italy. With so many options to choose from these days, I’d definitely go for a freshly made pizza any time compared to a machine-made one. Besides, the pizzas are baked in their custom-made Italian stone oven replica, resulting in a crispier crust with a hint of smokiness I love.

What we ordered that day

We took the current promotion of Buy 1 Free 1 for the large pizzas and we chose the Hawaiian and Bolognese Pizzas. They were both extremely delightful. My daughter loved the Bolognese one and had we not stopped her, she would have polished it off all by herself. It’s a combination of her favourite food – pizza and bolognese pasta – so it’s a definite keeper for us.

Photo Credit: Owari Photography

The Hawaiian Pizza came with the usual ham and pineapple but the touch of capsicums was nice and we loved it too. Both pizzas had lovely thin, crispy crusts.

Photo Credit: Owari Photography

What I especially like about the whole experience of ordering from Pizza Delivery Singapore was the 1-hour delivery slot. This means that I know that my delivery will definitely come within that hour and I appreciate that because there are many deliveries that give me a delivery slot of two or even three hours and I really hate the waiting around. Our order came within 40 minutes. As we like our food piping hot, I heated up all our orders.

Apart from pizzas, we also ordered a pasta to share. As my husband and I are mushroom fans, we decided on the trio mushroom aglio olio.

There was a generous amount of mushrooms and more than enough mushrooms to go around for each bite. I thought the garlic flavour could be stronger but overall, it was very good for the price of $11.90. There are other traditional Italian pastas to choose from so we’d probably select a different one next time to try!

We decided to complete the meal with two sides – honey mustard prawn and fish fingers.

I thought the sides paled in comparison to the pizza and pasta. The honey mustard prawns tasted like regular ebi fry with a honey mustard sauce and the fish fingers didn’t really taste like cod but my children loved them anyway.

Overall, the strength of Pizza Delivery Singapore lies in their pizzas and we will be back for more most definitely. This time, we’d probably order 4 pizzas instead! There is free island-wide delivery for orders above $60. I’d really recommend that you make full use of the current 1-for-1 pizza promotion now!

Thanks to yet another wonderful recommendation from Best in Singapore!

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Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Pizza Delivery Singapore and Owari Photography. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are ours.

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