Perkz Aesthetics | Hair Regrowth Review

In my last post, I mentioned that I went to Perkz Aesthetics for their signature Yuan Yang facial. Besides trying out the facial, I went, on a separate occasion, to try out two treatments – the hair regrowth treatment and the lash regrowth treatment.

I’ve always struggled with my hair, or rather, my lack of hair.  At one point last year, my hair just started to fall out, and I wasn’t sure why. Not even the special shampoo that used to work could alleviate the situation. Eventually I chopped off my long hair, worked on my diet and thereabout the same time, I started taking Kinohimitsu’s collagen. Along the way, something worked and I stopped shedding hair.

Despite the fact that I now have normal hairfall, there are still some areas on my scalp that have significantly less hair. During the treatment, my therapist was very gentle with my hair as she examined my scalp and found the areas which needed more attention.

Perkz by Lash Regrowth

Perkz by Lash Regrowth

Perkz by Lash RegrowthShe explained that she would focus more on these areas during the treatment, but she would treat the entire scalp as well. The hair regrowth treatment uses the latest micro needle technology from Germany to stimulate hair follicles to encourage natural growth of hair.

The treatment steps include: Hair assessment, Micro needle on affected scalp areas, Tonic stimulating massage and infra ray treatment to improve blood circulation and absorption of serum.

After the hair assessment, the therapist showed me the micro needle and explained what she was going to do. Micro needling sounds pretty daunting but in reality, there was no pain at all. And I mean absolutely painless. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all and I didn’t need to cringe or anything like that. The massage was relaxing and during the infra ray treatment, it just felt a little warm. Overall, I would rate the experience as pleasant.

I was told that I wouldn’t be able to see any visible difference in one session, so this is more of sharing the experience of the treatment. I like that they are upfront and honest about how many sessions would be needed. And you’ll really only know how many after the hair assessment.

The trial is $140 (usual price $380), duration 60min.

If I could, I would go ahead with both packages after the positive experience of both trials. However, with my limited spending power, I had to make a choice between hair regrowth and lash regrowth. Although hair regrowth is more important to me, the number of sessions would definitely outnumber that of lash regrowth and I think for now I don’t want to commit to that financially. So I went ahead to sign up for the lash regrowth package instead which only needs 3 sessions. I will share more about lash regrowth in my next post!

Oh, and the good thing is that they aren’t pushy, so don’t feel like you need to commit to anything after the trial. 🙂


Disclosure: I was invited to try out the hair regrowth treatment to share my experience. No monetary compensation was provided.

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Perkz Aesthetics by Lash Regrowth| Yuan Yang Facial Review

It’s been two weeks since I’ve started work part-time. And I haven’t worked in almost 10 years. So it’s been extremely trying dealing with the unfamiliar environment and work but I’m slowly getting a hang of it. Hopefully it would get better from here on.

Looking back, I’m glad I went to get my hair dyed and my facial done before work started. I probably won’t have the energy to drag myself to do all that at this point in time. Haha.

Jas from Perkz Aesthetics by Lash Regrowth invited me to try out their signature Yuan Yang facial a few weeks back. Besides trying out their facial, I also decided to try out a couple of other treatments which I will share with you my experience in the next couple of posts.

Perkz Aesthetics Yuan Yang facial review

The signature Yuan Yang Facial uses organic coffee and tea to perform the most innovative facial in town. For a tea and coffee lover like me, I get the additional bonus of enjoying the whole treatment with the aroma of my favourite beverages. On top of that, the Yuan Yang facial offers the experience of an instant face lift after the Rose Quartz crystal guasha therapy.

The sequence of the facial – Double cleanse, organic coffee brightening scrub,

Perkz by Lash Regrowth

organic coffee brightening scrub

extraction, face massage, rose quartz guasha therapy, organic tea compress, relaxing shoulder massage, and finally ending with a double intense tea mask.

I was told that normally the face lift is more obvious but because my face is small and slim, it is less noticeable, so you can see the lift mainly in the difference in the height of the eye brows. So the side that is higher is the side that I have had guasha done:

Perkz by Lash Regrowth

And you can see from the before and after photos, my face is obviously brighter after the facial.

                                  Before                                                       After

Perkz by Lash RegrowthPerkz by Lash Regrowth

The benefits of the Yuan Yang Facial are:

– Increase blood flow
– Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
– Reduce inflammation
– Reduce dark eye circles and puffiness
– Increase antioxidants
– Brighten skin tone

For me, there’s definitely brightened skin tone. I was initially apprehensive about guasha done on the face because I’d never done it before and was worried that it might be painful or uncomfortable but it turned out to be very relaxing!

The usual price of the Yuan Yang facial is $220, but the first trial is at a very good price of $68! If you’re looking to have a different type of facial done or just looking for something that’s not your run-of-the-mill facial, do give this a try!

I will share more about my other treatments in the next posts!


Perkz Aesthetics

6 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-66
Clark Quay Central Singapore 059817

Appointment Hotline: +(65) 8261 3088


Disclosure: I was invited to try out the signature Yuan Yang facial. No monetary compensation was received.

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