Off to a better term ahead, hopefully

I just realised that I haven’t written a post in more than a month! Term 3 of school just zoomed past. The kids took turns to be ill on and off the entire past six weeks and while we usually hardly see the doctor, we became regulars at the clinic this season. In fact we saw the doctor so often she actually had the chance to tell me that she found my blog when she was reading about our Royal Caribbean cruise experience!

IMG_0677-1There seems to be something about the month of August – last year I was ill for the entire August and this year, it’s the kids.

IMG_0821To make it worse, lil boy accidentally kicked my little toe on our way back from one of our trips to the clinic in July and caused me to be unable to walk for a few days and I had to limp for three whole weeks. I was walking behind him, and wasn’t expecting him to suddenly swing his leg to the side, just when I set foot forward. It wasn’t a pretty sight. My toe was kicked entirely out of alignment and I had to manually push my toe back.


In the midst of all the chaos at home, I was really glad to receive my favourite hydrangeas from A Better Florist recently. The gorgeous blooms are so uplifting and couldn’t have come at a better time! There are so many other amazing bouquets to choose from, but my love for hydrangeas runs deep so it was the obvious choice for me.


The Andrea from A Better Florist

My toe still doesn’t feel the same though it isn’t really painful unless I purposely go rub it. I’m just grateful that I had help from my mum and aunt while I was out of action for the few days I couldn’t walk and my hubby rushed back from work to take me to clinic.

But most importantly, I can walk now! Such joy to be back on my feet without feeling pain! Such joy to be able to resume my long brisk walks!

IMG_0939Let’s hope that we’ve finally gotten rid of the bug in the house and we’ll have better and healthier days ahead!



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Greater Savings with Family Market

Most of us enjoy the shopping process for apparel or cosmetics, but not many actually enjoy the process of buying groceries, jostling with the crowds, especially on weekday evenings or weekends.

Online shopping for groceries have become more popular, and recently I have been alerted to the fact that there’s a new platform that gives greater savings. #auntymodeon

honestbee homepage

The items available in the all-new Family Market are on the average 10-30% cheaper than retail/ other online stores.

Family market -homepage

Besides searching for the items you want specifically, I’d highly recommend looking through the Promotions as well as the Best Sellers. These would most probably be the ones that enable you to have the most savings.

I’ve taken three items to compare how Family Market fares in relation to other online platforms.

1) Diapers

Diapers are a must-have for parents with young children and this is an item that constantly needs to be replenished so I started looking for that first.


Drypers Drypantz XL on Family Market


Drypers Drypantz XL on Redmart


Drypers Drypantz XL on FairPrice online

As you can see, buying the same item on Honestbee’s Family Market saves about $3.90, which is 30% cheaper. Per diaper, Honestbee’s is 39cents, Redmart’s is 51.5cents and FairPrice’s is 51.2cents.


2) Beauty – Hair color


Revlon Hair ColorSilk #31 on Family Market


Revlon Hair ColorSilk #31 on Redmart


Revlon Hair ColorSilk #31 on Watsons

Clearly from the above comparison, you will save at least 40% if you buy from Family Market!


3) Wet Wipes


Dettol Anti-bacterial Wet Wipes on Family Market


Dettol Anti-bacterial Wet Wipes on Redmart


Dettol Anti-bacterial Wet Wipes on Watsons

If you are just buying one of these, Family Market’s would be the cheapest. However, Redmart’s promotion of ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ works out to be actually cheapest if you are going for bulk quantity.

In general, the actual savings you get from shopping at Family Market is largely dependent on the various stores’ promotions at the time you’re shopping.

No one can guarantee exactly how much you’d save or whether everything will always be cheaper on Family Market.

Take for instance, at the time that I’m crafting this post, here’s the comparison of Nescafe Gold Blend 200g jar.

Honest Bee- Family Market

Nescafe Gold Blend on Family Market

Honest Bee- Family Market

Nescafe Gold Blend on Redmart

Honest Bee- Family Market

Nescafe Gold Blend on FairPrice online

As you can see, Family Market is not the most price-competitive for this particular product, so sometimes it’s also about timing of promotions, which is why I highly recommend checking out the promotions section of the online shopping platform.

The main drawback I find about Family Market is that the variety of some categories of products might not be wide enough at the moment. For instance, there are only four products currently in the Supplements section of Family Market as compared to the multifarious options on other online stores. Family Market’s pretty new for now, so perhaps there might be more options in future. 🙂

Overall, I find that the savings can be really significant on Family Market, as I have illustrated earlier so I’d still recommend that you check out the store to see if it fits your family’s needs! Happy shopping and here’s to greater savings!



Disclosure: I was provided with shopping credits to try out the Family Market. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are 100% mine.


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