BenQ GS2 Wireless Portable Projector | Versatile Family Entertainment with Eye-Protection Sensors

As families continue to spend more time indoors, and with many still cautious about visiting the local cinemas since its reopening, video gaming, streaming services, and direct-to-digital releases will continue to help local families adhere to the government’s safe-distancing guideline. We are glad that we had the luxury of having the BenQ GS2 to accompany us for the past month or so.

BenQ, the world-leading DLP projector brand, launched the GS2 this year, a wireless portable LED projector designed especially for the Singapore market to maximise home entertainment as families continue to observe safe-distancing measures recommended by the government.

The GS2 is an all-in-one entertainment device that projects images of up to 80 inches in size, allowing families to enjoy the charm of big screen projection while supporting fun activities wherever they are, thanks to its wireless and mobility features. 

Basically now, you are not limited to just the small screens of the phone or tablets or even that of the television. Simply pair the projector with your phone or tablet and do a screencast on an empty wall in your home. It supports virtually any wireless or wired device. Using Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB-C, or its built-in media reader, GS2 instantly casts and plays oversized audio-visual content. Voila, home entertainment at its finest. Who needs to go to the cinema these days, right?

My boy watching his Sun Wukong series (Youtube) in the comfort of his room

The GS2 is embedded with Aptoide TV app market which means that you can download tools or media apps for more streaming services, such as YouTube, Netflix, or install APK on GS2 to enjoy the content directly in a wireless environment. Due to the content protection mechanism for the subscription-based streaming platforms, you will not be able to screencast from mobile devices the content of Netflix. Trust me, we tried at first. 😀

Watching Hero Academia on Netflix

Engineered for family-friendly use, GS2 is IPX2 splash-proof and 0.5m drop-proof, offering vibrant LED light display and BenQ-exclusive LumiExpert™, an ambient light-sensing automatic brightness technology that optimizes the viewing experience (also present in the BenQ GW2480T monitor I reviewed earlier). In particular, we love the auto-focus function as we literally don’t need to take any other extra steps.

It also comes with Eye-Protection Sensors, which automatically shut off light when children get in front, and a Parental Timer to safeguard young viewers’ comfort and vision health. With the reflected light projection, the indirect light projected onto the screen/wall is safer than the direct blue light from a monitor/device – this is definitely a plus point for us.

So whether it’s playing games on the phone or watching Youtube videos, at least now we can cut out some of the direct blue light.

Powered by ultimately durable Digital Light Processing, the 2015 Academy Award of Merit Oscar® winning technology used in 90 per cent of the world’s digital cinemas, GS2 delivers long-lasting DLP picture quality with precise colours and razor-sharp clarity, coupled with a 30,000-hour maintenance-free LED light source.

I like that it is really a very portable set. It comes in a compact carrier with all that you need for hours of entertainment without compromising on eye health.

The only issue I have is that I don’t have that many large empty walls in my house to project onto. If this projector had been available earlier, we would honestly have gone without the television and just have our shows or games projected on the wall. Other than that, I think this is a really awesome product for the modern day smart family.

The GS2 retails at SGD849 (before GST) and is now available exclusively at BenQ Store on Lazada and it comes with a 3-year warranty.

You can check out this site for many informational videos on how to use the GS2.

BenQ GS2 Official Site

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Staying in the pink of health with The Fruit Hut

We consume a variety of fruits every day for maintenance of good health. So when Best in Singapore asked if we would like to try out some fruits from The Fruit Hut, I agreed without hesitation. 

The Fruit Hut
What I ordered

At The Fruit Hut, you are spoilt for choice because you can choose from over 80 varieties of Premium Grade A+ fruit from farms over the world. There’s also 2-hour delivery if you need your fruit urgently. What I like most about them is their 100% Replacement Guarantee so you never have to worry about wasting your money on a bad fruit. So if you’ve received a bad fruit and need a replacement, just go on the live chat with them with images of the fruit. Also, get $20 off your next order should your delivery be late. They really put in a lot of effort in their post-sales customer service, something I find that not many companies are willing to do.

You see, I actually ordered a punnet of jumbo blueberries but they turned out to be mini ones. So when I went on the live chat with the customer service, they checked the order and realised that the wrong blueberries had been sent to me. But as the current stock was not fresh and they didn’t intend to sell them, they said they would only replace the blueberries when the stock is good because they don’t want to sell less than top notch fruit. Now, I really like this attitude!

Let’s move on to what I actually bought. The Australia Sapphire Moon Drop Grapes and CHN Muscat Nectar Grapes didn’t disappoint – crunchy and succulent.

Photo credit: Owari Photography
Photo credit: Owari Photography

The New Zealand Zespri Golden Sweet Kiwi were delicious too. The AUS Extra-large Royal Nectarine were not particularly sweet but had a nice fragrance and were firm.

Photo credit: Owari Photography

The Israel Ruby Pomegranate were sourish, but still ok. The Brunei Premium Melts Musk Melon (Japan-breed) was juicy but not as sweet as I’d hoped. What we loved most were the small blueberries that had been delivered wrongly and the MYS Tambun Pomelo (no link at the time of writing). As they only had one Tambun Pomelo left, they called me to ask if they could replace the other with a different pomelo. The Tambun Pomelo turned out to be awesome. It was so sweet, juicy and refreshing with completely no bitter aftertaste. The other pomelo was so-so though. What a pity I couldn’t have both Tambun pomelos because of the high demand at that time (Mid-Autumn Festival).

The Fruit Hut

Overall, our experience with The Fruit Hut has been pleasant. They have 8 storage units island-wide and each unit has its own cold room, so you can be assured that the fruits you receive are fresh and can reach you within 2 hours, should there be a need. There’s free island-wide delivery with orders above $60. Apart from fruits, you can also purchase fruit gift baskets for various occasions, cut fruits and juices. If buying online is not your cup of tea, you can visit them at their shop too to pick out your own fruits.

Main Store Address:
19 Lorong 12 Geylang
Singapore 398999

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

The Fruit Hut

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Best in Singapore:

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Disclosure: All opinions are mine. No monetary compensation was received.

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