Birthday roses in a box | Flower Chimp

So last week I celebrated my birthday. The last year before I get my Eldershield. *gasp* 

I pampered myself with a most gorgeous manicure and pedicure (as shared on my social media platforms), met up with some friends and celebrated the day with my family. To top it off, Flower Chimp also sent over this very special ‘bouquet’ for my special day! 

The collaboration had come at a time that was nearing my birthday and I had told them to surprise me. And surprise me they did. 

Not only does the special ‘bouquet’ (termed as Trinity Box) come with roses and gems, it comes with golden balls of chocolate too! I love that there’s a drawer just for that! And the plus point is that this is a reusable box and you can place your little trinkets in there after the flowers have wilted. My little girl has already placed first dibs on the box – I’m still considering since I had wanted it for myself! 😀 

Flower Chimp offers SAME DAY FLOWER DELIVERY BEFORE 1PM (MON-SAT)so if you ever need flowers to be delivered on the same day, you know where to get them! There’s a large assortment of flowers for different occasions and there’s free delivery on all orders! 

The Mother’s Day promotion has started on 15 April so be sure to check out the range of beautiful fresh flowers! 

Disclosure: I was gifted a Trinity Box as a birthday present. No monetary compensation was received.  

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Family Photo Shoot 2019 with Bespoke Photography


It’s been a few years since our last family photo shoot. We don’t go for those with elaborate clothes or makeovers and prefer to stick to our natural styles. Maybe, when the kids graduate from university then we can have something more formal. For now, we are happy to have shots to capture this moment in our lives – where the kids are both in primary school, and I’m back to work.

I’ve had some major adjustments in my life to make last year when I went back to work after a 10-year hiatus. Having a photo shoot was definitely not on my list of things to do. Now that I’ve settled down (well, more or less – I’m hoping more, rather than less), I have time to think about other things like finally getting a photo shoot done!

Bespoke Photography offers a reasonably priced photo shoot. What I like about it is that I know exactly what I will get for the photo shoot. Up front, on the website, you can see how much each hour of photo shoot will cost, how many photos you would get and when you can hope to receive your photos.


Another plus point in my opinion is that you will get all the (naturally) edited photos in its original resolution. What you decide to do with them is entirely up to you, which means that there is no pressure to choose which you want to be placed in a photo album or feel pressured to add more pages to your photo album. Traditionally, if you do a photo shoot, you would have to pay extra to have all the photos in the original resolution.


Currently, for a 1-hour family photo shoot, it is $200 (U.P. $230), you will receive about 70 photos in about 2 weeks. I think this is quite ideal for my family as we aren’t really able to last for more than an hour anyway for a photo shoot! There are other packages if you’re thinking of a longer duration (check it out in the link).


So for our photo shoot, we were linked up with a photographer by Bespoke Photography. For the venue, we asked the photographer for recommendations and just went with his professional opinions. As we didn’t have many preferences about the photo shoot, we left it to the discretion of the photographer. On the day of the photo shoot, we also went with his suggestions, but we did have a few requests, such as taking more shots of the kids, having dad-daughter/dad-son/mum-daughter/mum-son/couple shots besides having family shots. During the photoshoot, the photographer was also very friendly and able to communicate his ideas effectively to us and our children.


We received the photos within the stipulated time and were pleased with the outcome. Considering the fact that I was having a bad hair day and suffering from post-CNY fats syndrome (that is a thing I assure you), I thought the photos turned out marvelous!

042A1411 042A1439

Besides family photography, Bespoke Photography also provides other photography services and you can check out their rates in their website. I’m still pondering what to do with my photos, but well, I can take my time to mull over that.

Disclosure: We were invited to review Bespoke Photography services. No monetary compensation was received.

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