The Learning Lab Experience Day 2016 @ Tampines Mall

You’ve heard so much about The Learning Lab (TLL) from friends and online reviews (like mine).

You’ve always wondered how the curriculum looks like (click to view my post on an overview of the P1 Math curriculum).

You want to know whether it suits you and your child’s needs.

Then you’d be glad to know that you can find out more about TLL and view their curriculum during TLL Experience Day.

If you live in the East, then you’d be even happier to know that TLL has just opened a new branch at the Education Hub at Tampines Mall on 26 November, and there are extra perks if you sign up for classes held there from now till 4 December 2016. Now there are TWO TLL branches at Tampines (the other is at Tampines Point)!

We went to check out the new facility last Saturday. When we arrived, the kids were exhilarated to be greeted by Urbano, Kidzania’s mascot, representing the Right to Know.

tbe learning lab experience day

The Learning Lab Experience Day

The kids discovered the activities room in no time and were preoccupied with the activities while I did a quick tour of the place.

The Learning Lab Experience Day

There are a total of 8 classrooms in the new facility, and the classrooms have the exact same professional look and design as those in other branches.

The classroom that was bustling with the most activity that day was undoubtedly the one showcasing the TLL curriculum.

The Learning Lab Experience Day

Is TLL a tuition centre? Is it an enrichment centre?

From the vast and well-planned curriculum, it is clear that TLL is both a tuition and enrichment centre. From the curriculum I went through that day, I can tell that TLL curriculum is curated carefully to meet the academic demands of the school curriculum. At the same time, it develops the students holistically by engaging them in current affairs, challenging them with higher order questions and allowing them to discover the connection between theory and real-life through application questions.

The Learning Lab Experience Day

Left: A Science kit given to students enrolled in the Science programme during the holidays; Right: Prop used in class for the theme of life cycles


An example of infographic provided for students, engaging them in current affairs

The Learning Lab

Differentiated infographics on the same theme of the Leap Year for different levels (lower and upper primary Math) given in 2016

To sign up for a lesson on Experience Day at TLL, you have to enrol online first. While your child attends the lesson, you can go for a curriculum talk where the experienced teachers will share more about the curriculum and what they hope to achieve. You can also spend some time to examine the TLL curriculum and speak to the curriculum specialists to find out more.

The Learning Lab Experience Day

The Learning Lab

An interesting English lesson for K1

At the curriculum talk, I also learnt that TLL lessons incorporate fundamental personal skills such as goal setting, presentation skills, media analysis and even tips for Direct Schools Admission (DSA) and GEP-related questions (Math programme).

Overall, the kids enjoyed their lessons at Experience Day. Little boy came out from class bright-eyed and told us that he learnt about odd/even numbers and greatest/smallest numbers (K2 Math). Days after the lesson, he was still talking about odd and even numbers and pointing out odd/even number of items on the go. My girl made a periscope during lesson. When I asked her about the significance of the periscope in relation to what she was learning, she actually managed to tell me that it illustrates the concept that light travels in straight lines (P3 Science). I think you’d agree that both lessons had marvelous outcomes.

The Learning Lab Experience Day

Registration for Term 1 2017 is already open or if you are still undecided, go on down to TLL Experience Day to find out more.

Quick details about TLL Experience Day

  • Every Sunday, 13 Nov – 11 Dec at Rochester Mall, United Square; Tampines Mall (26,27 Nov and 1-4 Dec)  to 3 Dec – 4 Dec at Tampines Mall and 11 Dec at Rochester Mall

  • 1 hour lesson experience, choice of your subject + level for your child

  • 1 hour parent seminar

  • Curriculum viewing, speak with TLL senior teachers and curriculum specialists

For more information about the locations and programmes offered at The Learning Lab:



Hotline: 67338711


Disclosure: This post is part 1 of 2 of my collaboration with The Learning Lab in 2016. The children received a holiday programme each, and we paid for the extra holiday programmes on our own. No other monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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