LUMOS TEMPO Wireless Earbuds Review

So my previous earbuds died on me recently and my husband bought me a set of earbuds. Not long after, LUMOS asked if I would like to review their LUMOS TEMPO active noise cancellation wireless earbuds and I just could not say no because I had read the specs and thought that it sounds really awesome.

LUMOS TEMPO wireless earbuds review

When the earbuds arrived, I immediately unboxed it and set it to charge so I could use it during my gym session later in the afternoon. It takes merely 1 hour to fully charge the earbuds (and 2h for the case) so I managed to try out the earbuds at the gym that same day!

LUMOS TEMPO wireless earbuds review

The LUMOS TEMPO packs the longest 30 hours of battery life vs 5-20 hours for other brands. This means fewer frustrating moments of dead earbuds and hassle of recharging needed.

It also boasts Superior Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), cancelling up to 42db while industry average is only 30db. This means TEMPO can block out more effectively all distracting and fuzzy background noises than others. Is this important? Well, heck yeah! This was the most outstanding feature of this product (in my opinion) as the active noise cancellation is superb.

LUMOS TEMPO wireless earbuds review
Enjoying a workout with ANC at the gym means full concentration on the workout and 100% enjoyment of the music

If you are worried about being totally unaware of your surroundings, there is a Transparency Mode (Ambient Mode), where the LUMOS TEMPO is able to pick out and amplify sounds around you. This means you can react to your surroundings even without taking off your wireless earbuds. With two simple taps on the right earbud, you can toggle between ANC on/off. I like to turn on the ANC at the gym and switch to the ambient mode when I’m taking long walks for safety reasons.

LUMOS TEMPO wireless earbuds review
Off for a walk in the company of my LUMOS TEMPO

The TEMPO is also rated IPX5 sweat & water-splash proof which is really important because I wear my earbuds every time when I exercise indoors and outdoors. It is the perfect pair of buds for exercise and outdoor activities!

The sound quality is great too with what they have termed the Trinity360 sound quality where the bass, midrange and treble have been calibrated to the most optimal setting.

Gonna commute with my TEMPO with ANC on while enjoying the newest season of Blacklist on Netflix

Another feature which makes the TEMPO stand out from its counterparts is its High Definition (HD) 6-Mic Calling – it is equipped with 6 mics vs the traditional 4 mic setup in most earbuds in the market. This means that your voice can be heard clearer and sharper during work and family calls. The TEMPO is touch enabled so even when a call comes in while I’m on my walk or at the gym, I can simply tap either earbud to answer the call without fumbling with the phone.

Utilising the latest Bluetooth 5.2 version, transmission of data is much more efficient and seamless. This means smoother and most synchronised audio as well as better compatibility with more devices. Pairing with the device is a cinch and my husband has even used it for attending a Zoom meeting via his laptop. He could still listen in and step away for a quick refill of his cup while he was home for the meeting – the mobility is something he really appreciated.

Do I love the LUMOS TEMPO? Yes, 100% I do! With its sleek design, long battery life and active noise-cancellation features, what’s not to love? And it doesn’t come with a huge price tag either, so be quick to get yours now. Its retail price is $179 (with 1-year local warranty) – an unbelievable price while similar premium range earbuds could easily set you back by $300-$400. It is now available for purchase directly from LUMOS via their website.

Note: The company currently only ships in Singapore & Malaysia.

Disclosure: Two sets of LUMOS TEMPO were provided for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received.

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Healthy Snacking with Revive

Healthy snacking is a real challenge, and it’s almost an oxymoron. But when the ingredients are clean and wholesome, without compromising on taste, healthy snacking can be possible! When Revive reached out to me for a review on their overnight oats, I just had to agree because I am such a sucker for overnight oats and I wanted to see what their range had to offer.

Four delicious flavours to choose from

What really prompted me to do the review was the use of natural ingredients in the entire range of overnight oats. There are no artificial flavours, preservatives or sweeteners.

Ingredients: Rolled oat, instant oat, organic soybean, freeze dried peach, monk fruit (luo han guo), chia seed, cinnamon.

If you’ve always struggled to get the right proportion or texture of your overnight oats, you could give this a try. In each packet of 300g, just pour out 50g (suggested serving size) and add about 120ml of milk at night and the next morning, you have some seriously delicious overnight oats for your breakfast/ snack!

There is a generous amount of dried peach in the packet (Peach & Cinnamon). If you’re not into cinnamon, the taste of it is not really strong in this flavour. If you would like a stronger cinnamon flavour, I would suggest adding more cinnamon on your own.

Ingredients: Rolled oat, instant oat, organic soybean, freeze dried banana, monk fruit (luo han guo), chia seed, cocoa.

The second flavour I tried was Chocolate Banana. This was da bomb! It’s no wonder this is the most popular flavour. It truly is delish. It feels like eating dessert for breakfast/ snack! It was not overly sweet and I’m so impressed that all the ratios of the ingredients are spot on. I was quite apprehensive about this one because I was afraid that it might be sickeningly sweet, but it turned out wonderful. Not only did I not crash right after eating this, I was energised and kept fuller for longer because of the wholesome ingredients in it.

Ingredients: Rolled oat, instant oat, organic soybean, freeze dried pineapple, monk fruit (luo han guo), chia seed, organic desiccated coconut.

Again, there are large chunks of dried fruit (i.e. pineapple) in this packet (Pina Colada flavour). The desiccated coconut comes through in every bite in his flavour so if you love it, you’re in luck. If not, then this might not be the flavour for you. I found this slightly sweeter than the chocolate banana.

Ingredients: Rolled oat, instant oat, organic soybean, freeze dried mango, monk fruit (luo han guo), chia seed, organic desiccated coconut.

The last flavour is Tropical Mango. The dried mango comes in pretty large chunks so you might have to proportion these out so that you get at least one of these in each serving you make. Again, I thought the desiccated coconut taste came across quite strongly, similar to the Pina Colada one.

Overall, I would say that I enjoy all the flavours. If I have to rank them, I would say Chocolate Banana is my favourite, followed by Peach Cinnamon, Pina Colada and Tropical Mango.

The preparation is easy and convenient. Just pour out 50g or scoop out 4 tablespoons of the package contents and add half cup or 120ml milk. I have tried it with almond milk and it works out fine too, just that I feel that with dairy, the oats taste creamier. There is no need to add any other sweetener or fruits or seeds/ nuts. Of course, if you would like some other additions, you can go ahead and do so. For me, I feel that it’s just right for me so I don’t add anything else. Actually, I’m very impressed that the sweetener used is Monk Fruit (luo han guo). So clever!

Normally when I prepare my own version of overnight oats, I would have to weigh out/ measure my oats, chia seeds and wash/chop some fruit to add to it in the morning so I find that using Revive’s Overnight Oats cuts down prep time. It’s so simple and convenient that there’s really no excuse not to eat healthily.

I actually wanted to try out some granola too but I’m allergic to all other tree nuts except almonds so I had to give that a miss. The nut butters are also worth a mention as they are 100% nuts, no nasties or anything else. That’s what I really like about Revive’s range of foods. Absolutely natural.

Ingredients: 100% dry roasted almond (skin on)

The nut butter is wholesome and fragrant and spreads easily on bread. There’s no added sugar or salt and in fact, the only ingredient is the nut itself. Because nuts naturally contain oil, there might be some oil that settles at the top when you store the bottle. Just give it a good mix before spreading, or store it upside down. I just like to give it a good stir anyway.

If you want to start eating healthily, perhaps you can head over to Revive to take a look at their range of products. They have made healthy snacking and eating convenient and a reachable goal.

Disclosure: Products were provided for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received.

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