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I hosted a giveaway for KidStartNow‘s Chinese holiday camp a couple of weeks back and we attended the complimentary class last week. Though I wasn’t obliged to write a review about the programme after attending it, I decided to do so as my girl enjoyed herself thoroughly. Apart from art enrichment, my girl has never attended any 3-hour programme on her own before. We were wondering how she would cope with 4 days of 3 hours of Chinese camp but we definitely didn’t need to worry about her after we saw how happy she was at the camp.

When we entered KidStartNow’s premises, we were very impressed by the lengths the staff went to to make the environment kid-friendly and conducive for learning. As the theme was about a fantasy underwater adventure, the place was decked up beautifully according to the theme. Even the waiting area was decorated!

kidstartnow review

Before the kids entered the classroom on the first day, the teacher (who has more than 20 years of experience teaching preschoolers) introduced them to the characters.

Swimming off to the classroom!

As you can see, much effort was put in to immerse the kids in the learning journey for the 4-day camp.

Listening attentively

I love the clownfish hat! 😀

An elaborately decorated corner in the classroom:

And it was great for phototaking too!

After the first half hour or so of the lesson, we decided that she was really comfortable enough and so we left KidStartNow and went to get a bite. When we returned, we sat the waiting area and watched what was happening in the classroom via skype and this was a scene I caught on the camera from the television:

Ooh, so fun! 😀

My little boy watching what’s happening on the screen as well:

The lesson incorporates quite a bit of use of IT but the kids also did some crafts during the camp:

It’s little wonder that my girl enjoyed herself and looked forward to every lesson!

While almost all the Chinese holiday camp slots are full, the regular N2, K1 and K2 classes are starting in Jan 2014, and if you are interested, you can sign up for a free trial and (if you sign up before 1/1/14, there’s a 20% early bird discount). For more information about the programme offered, you can view the brochure here.

Disclosure: I was not compensated nor obliged to write this review. All opinions are based on our experience at the Chinese camp.

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