Sambal Tunis Prawns

Haven’t blogged about my cooking for quite awhile now. I was so pre-occupied with my learning aids and I didn’t cook anything new. πŸ™‚

Just the other day when I was waiting for the chicken stall aunty to chop the chicken thighs, I saw that she was selling some pastes so I took a closer look.

This sambal tunis is meant for cooking seafood and since it’s instant paste, it appealed to me, well, instantly. πŸ˜› I used to like to make my own sambal and all and I have been seriously considering making my own sambal tunis ever since I saw it on Ju’s siteΒ (great food, great photography. Hop over if you’ve not seen her foodblog). I really mean to make it some day but I’ve been really bogged down with lots of stuff and so I didn’t need any other encouragement to buy this instant paste. After all, I had half a kg of prawns at home that day and I intended to cook them for dinner so why not try something new?

It costs $2 and each packet can be used for cooking 1kg prawns/ seafood.

Was it great?

Well, it was quite nice actually, unless you hate lemongrass – the smell and taste is rather strong.

Photos, you ask.

I’ve none to show this time, not because it looked terrible or it isn’t blog-worthy. The only reason why I’ve no photos to upload is because I forgot to take photos. Sigh. I was so intent on settling down to eat dinner and continue watching the rented DVD that it totally slipped my mind to take photos after cooking.

Next time yah? πŸ˜›

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