Review of Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

Here’s another of Eric Carle’s books though only the illustrations were done by him.
Nevertheless, I think it’s quite an enjoyable read as well with an animal taking the centrestage with each flip of the page!
Needless to say, that helps to focus the child’s attention on the animal and also because the book’s about the sounds the animals make, Alicia had quite some fun while reading.
Her favourite animal from the book currently is the elephant and she would pinch her nose and wave her other hand like a trunk, imitating the sound an elephant makes. 🙂
Next in line of her favourites is the boa constrictor – which is well, essentially a snake in the kids’ eyes and and I just wonder why the author couldn’t have made it simpler for the kid by referring to it as a snake instead. No prizes for guessing that Alicia hisses whenever we get to the page about the boa constrictor. Then again, she’s always fast-forwarding the reading to those two pages she loves and hardly focuses on the rest. Sigh. Kids just have a mind of their own, don’t they? 🙂
Overall, it’s a good book but I think Alicia really misses Eric Carle’s From head to toe as she’s been asking for it, often asking for where the gorilla who thumps his chest is! *faint*

Time to borrow that book again for her…. 🙂
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