Our Family’s Top 5 Chinese New Year goodies | Ding Bakery

A year has flown by, just like that.

With the pandemic still looming over the world, this year’s Chinese New Year will be different compared with other years when it comes to reunion dinner and visiting. Large gatherings are still not allowed for now, even in phase 3. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that we will still be happily feasting during this period of time! Let’s be thankful that we still have the mood and ability to obtain all these luxuries!

Apart from the annual splurges on seafood during this period of time, most people would stock up on the CNY goodies a month before CNY. This year, due to the pandemic, many Singaporeans would not be able to go across the border to get the goodies and I think not many would be keen to join long queues in Singapore either. I’m so glad that I managed to get premium quality CNY goodies from Ding Bakery this year online.

No hassle. No queues. A few clicks and the goodies arrived the very next day! There was also real-time tracking of the delivery van on the day of delivery so the whole process was very smooth.

The homemade and handmade goodies from Ding Bakery are free of preservatives and taste really yummy!

And #1 on our favourites list is the pineapple tart. So naturally, the very first thing I tried when the stash arrived was the Award-Winning Premium Melt-in-your-Mouth Pineapple Tart (Ball). I just have a soft spot for pineapple tarts and these from Ding Bakery are buttery heaven and truly lives up to its name. The pineapple paste is not overly sweet and is made with natural ingredients. In fact, the ingredients in the pineapple tarts are merely: Eggs, Butter, Flour, Milk Powder, Sugar, Salt, Pineapple. I’m just so glad to see that there are no nasties in the ingredient list!

My next favourite CNY goodie is actually the kueh bangkit. Since I was a child, I have always enjoyed putting one of those melty white goodies into my mouth and waiting for the magic to happen. Ding Bakery has 3 types of Award-winning kueh bangkit (original, pandan and gula melaka) – I went for the original flavour. It was a tough choice, since I like pandan and gula melaka, but I always feel that the original flavour is one that is not to be missed. And it certainly did not disappoint. It is very fragrant, not overly sweet and the melty goodness brings back pleasant childhood memories. Ingredients: Eggs, Butter, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Coconut Cream

Next up, #3 on the favourites list is the Premium Spicy Hae Bee Hiam Roll (Sambal Prawn Cracker) – the crunchy spicy little rolls the entire family enjoys. Naturally I had to buy more of these because if I don’t watch the kids like a hawk, a whole bottle would be gone in no time. These hae bee hiam rolls are really addictive so be really careful when you have these in your hands! #saygoodbyetocaloriebudget

Ingredients: Eggs, Butter, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Shrimp Paste

I wanted to order love letters but the original love letters were out of stock at the time I placed my order so I settled for the Premium Honey Chicken Floss Crispy Cracker. But it turned out to be a great thing because I feel that this actually is a really nice combination of tastes and textures. The sweetness of the love letter with the savoury sweetness of the chicken floss and the fragrance of the black sesame seeds is da bomb!

Ingredients: Eggs, Butter, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Chicken Floss

Lastly, I ordered Premium Almond Cookies because my hubby loves it. There’s a distinct almond taste in the cookie and the cookie is still so soft and decadent and almost melts in the mouth. If you’re a fan of almond cookies, do try Ding Bakery’s. Ingredients: Eggs, Butter, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Almond Powder, Peanut.

There are actually some other CNY goodies on the Ding Bakery’s website that I was keen to try but they were out of stock. But I heard that they will be replenishing stock soon. Stock runs out pretty fast so be sure to keep a lookout for your favourites and get them before they are gone too! Plus, take full advantage of the early bird offers now!

Delivery is free for orders above $100. Self-collection is available at 140 Paya Lebar Road, AZ Building, #03-13, Singapore 409015. If you’d like to taste the goodies before you buy them, you can also head to the same address and sample the goodies. All the CNY goodies are HALAL certified.

Disclosure: I was provided with store credits to sample the goodies. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are mine.

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Celebrating Christmas during the Pandemic

This is a year where we have to stay put in Singapore during the December holidays. I honestly can’t remember when was the last time we did that. Well, because we normally take our longer vacations during December, we haven’t been taking out our Christmas tree because why bother when we aren’t around to admire it for half the time? The hassle of setting it up and keeping it just puts us off. #justbeinghonest

But this year is special. We can’t go anywhere and no large gatherings are allowed due to the pandemic. So to make it more Christmas-y at home, I decided to bring out the tree again. Just as I was about to do so, Forever Christmas asked if I would like to try out their hyper realistic Christmas tree. I know that this year’s trend is getting live Christmas trees but I’m really for the convenience of the fake ones and since it’s gonna be a really realistic one, why not?

I went ahead and chose the Shore Pine Hyper Realistic Christmas Tree. I was so smitten by its appearance, I honestly didn’t read about the tree too carefully. I saw it, fell in love and ordered it, the end.

I was so sold on the idea that I wouldn’t need to open up the branches that I didn’t read about the actual tree I wanted to get. So apparently I chose the densest of all the trees they have. That means this tree cannot use the automatic open hinges. Well, well.

I knew that the trees at Christmas Tree Singapore are manufactured with the German Patented FirTECT™ Technology which means each branch is hinged to the solid centre structure of the tree. When placed in an upright position, the branches automatically open, just like an umbrella. Super fuss-free and quick set up, AND it puts less stress on the branches — a win for everybody!

But honestly, the tree is really beautiful, and I think I’d have to say that despite the fact that it doesn’t come with the automatic open hinges, I have no regrets. Setting up didn’t take too long – we just had to pull out the plastic holding in the leaves. I’m just kinda worried now about how to keep it but one thing at a time. But the box it came in measures 25x25x100cm so I think it should be fine, what with the malleable branches and all.

I love how the tree looks even without any decorative baubles.

It is not the usual fake-looking Christmas tree with identical leaves – this one comes with split end style tips which really makes it stand out compared to other trees.

It’s so unique and glorious on its own, you could get away with minimal decorations. I did go a little crazy prior to getting the tree and got a tad too many ornaments but I guess I can just keep them for future use. We got some of our ornaments from Forever Christmas too!

Christmas trees from Forever Christmas are highly durable so this is going to last a long time. It’s also a perfect shade of green, and of higher density compared to other trees (392 tips for the 5ft, 670 tips for the 6ft, 888 tips for the 7ft, and 1258 tips for the 8ft). No one likes sparse-looking trees, right?

We got the intricate looking star tree topper but it turned out to be a bit too heavy for the top branch to support so we just hung the star at our door instead. Too pretty to just keep it away!

If you’d like to get a new tree this year, do consider the ones at Forever Christmas. The stocks run out pretty fast each time they restock so hopefully you’ll manage to get a tree of your choice with their German Patented FirTECT™ Technology.

Disclosure: We received some store credits to try out the tree and ornaments. No monetary compensation was received.

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