A new accomplishment and End-of-term-3 review

It’s been a while since I updated the blog about her P1 journey. The last time I wrote it was how we started Term 3 with a bang. Now that it’s the end of the term, I thought I’d do a review of how the term went.

We started the term with a milestone achievement and ended with one as well:

I edited the photo to remove the name of the school for privacy reasons and the name of the school is in the award. The award is actually the equivalent of a Model Student Award and is given to one student per class per month. Although it’s a monthly award and it doesn’t seem that difficult to get, based on the fact that it’s one student per class, I knew how hard she worked for it because she kept talking about how she has to behave in order to qualify to be chosen for the award. And knowing that she’s not exactly the angelic type or the quiet, obedient type, she definitely had to control herself very well to get this award. In fact, when she told us that she was the next to receive the award, we were skeptical (so mean, but we couldn’t quite help it).

It took a long while for her to receive her award (plus a badge) though because they only have prize-presentations on Mondays during assembly and there were some school holidays and so it was only in August that she received her much desired award.

Apart from her award, she has been coping well with her schoolwork and this term, I worried a lot less about her Math results now that she has been attending The Learning Lab (TLL) since the start of the term (you can read more about my review of TLL). There has been somehow less homework this term so that meant we had more time to play, experiment with new stuff,

and explore new interests, like learning cursive handwriting:

I printed off and laminated these practice sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler (these are FREE)

She’d seen a couple of the teachers write in cursive so she was intrigued and wanted to learn too. And since she was interested and had the time, I indulged her and bound all the laminated sheets into a book for her. I figured at some point in time my little boy would want to try too so laminating it would definitely be useful.

We also made a mask for a competition and went shopping to get everything together to showcase the mask.

We also celebrated her 7th birthday this term!! 😀

I also only realised that she’d been doing creative writing in school this term. I mean I’ve seen that jotter book a couple of times when it came back with her and there are also only a couple of assignments thus far in the book which she completed in school. Over the National Day long weekend, I was told that she needed to write a composition with the theme Celebration, given a picture of a girl waking up in bed. I had to go and read up on how to teach composition, and realised in the process that the format for composition has changed and wasn’t what we used to do in school. Anyway, since I found the way that kids are taught writing in school anything but creative, I decided that I’d try to teach her myself. And because she wasn’t very keen on writing, I decided to make it special by allowing her to type on my MacBook: makes it easier to make changes too when needed. She was, as expected, very motivated because she got to use my laptop. 😀

Unfortunately due to my commitment to some ad-hoc assignment in August, I have not had the chance to follow up with the teaching and anyway I feel that my method was rather haphazard. I shall have to make time for this and improve!

This term, we had a minor run-in with the same boy from Term 1 when he took some of her belongings. Fortunately it was resolved quickly and though we didn’t get everything back, there was some closure as his mom conveyed her apology through the form teacher.

At the end of the term, we also started our Junior Explorers subscription and she loves the activities thus far (check out my review of the newest subscription box in Singapore).

So that’s our review of the term! This is the first time I’m reviewing the term and I think I actually like looking back on the term so I shall continue with this and probably do one up for my homeschooled boy as well! 🙂

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