Twisted, but thankful

Almost a year back, I broke a toe while saving my little one from falling head first off the bed. And just last Sunday, I walked into a hole in the middle of an open-air carpark while carrying him. Why there was a hole in the middle of the carpark, I really don’t know, but they had better go patch that freaking hole up. It was raining, I couldn’t see too far ahead and little boy was charming me with his antics.

Baby Bear sleep on Big Bear! ZZZZ. He squealed as he got into a cradle hold and pretended to sleep.

Tell me now, how can I not look down at his adorable face?

In that instant, I stepped into that hole and twisted one foot badly as I was in wedges. And because I twisted my left foot, my right foot tried to overcompensate to break the fall and I ended up twisting that too. My right knee was on the rough ground and that was the only thing keeping us stable. Little one ended up standing on the ground, but perfectly fine. Just shocked that his Mama bear was screaming in pain.

Hubby brought me to tuina but we found out that apparently I couldn’t be treated immediately as it would make my foot even more swollen and all he could do was to ice it and bandage it up.

It was terribly swollen when night came. And my best friends for that night?

I applied PanAway and Peppermint to reduce the pain and my hubby used Deep Relief to rub my injuries – apparently I’d hurt not just the feet but all the way up the shin, thigh and hip. It was excruciatingly painful during the session and my left foot was all greenish/ purplish and swollen.

Next morning, I had a pleasant surprise. The pain had reduced significantly and the swelling was gone by 80%!

I don’t have a pic of my foot right after I fell or on that night because who in the world would be in the mood for taking pics when in bad pain??? Yeah, so this is my bruised and swollen foot on the second night and I had it wrapped up in a bandage after applying more of my ‘best friends’ at night.

I’d read that Copaiba oil (an essential oil in the Deep Relief blend) is particularly good for inflammation and my friend had recommended that and truly, I must say, until you try out Young Living essential oils, you will not believe how well the body can be healed and changed. Oh and in case you’re wondering, this isn’t a sponsored post by Young Living even though I wished that they would! ๐Ÿ˜€

For the graze on my right knee, I used my handy lavender oil – which recently has also cured my kids’ flu last week (one of the main oils I used). Yes, we went totally drug-free and we didn’t even need to see a TCM doctor this time. Amazing.

Glad to say that I’m well on the road to recovery now – walking with barely a visible limp, thanks to my hubby who has been massaging injuries with essential oils, my mum who has come over to help out and my friends who volunteered to help me send and pick my girl to and from school for the week so I can get well soonest possible! *feeling loved*

If you’d like to find out more about these essential oils, feel free to contact me. A note to wish me well would be great too! ๐Ÿ˜€

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6 Responses to Twisted, but thankful

  1. Angie.S says:

    Oh dear, it must be a very bad fall! The ankle swelled so badly, must be so painful! Please refrain from adding anymore pressure to it for now, elevate it when you are resting and continue to oil the swollen parts till it recovers. Glad the oils were useful for injuries. Speedy recovery!
    Angie.S recently posted…A milestone worth celebrating – 1K FB Likes!My Profile

  2. Sweet Day says:

    Get well soon, Angie! Glad that you are recovering!
    Sweet Day recently posted…DIY Card Holder for Little OneMy Profile

  3. Ker Min says:

    OH dear, it does sound very bad. Please take care and get well soon.
    ker min

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