{Giveaway} An awesome lunch treat on Father’s Day

I’m really happy to know that some of you have gone down to Rochester Cafe, The Playhouse after reading my review. And I’m sure you all have enjoyed yourselves.

We never fail to have a good time there!

For those who’ve yet to check out the place, here’s an awesome chance to do so! Rochester Cafe, The Playhouse is giving TWO very lucky families a treat on Father’s Day this year. In case you don’t know, Father’s Day this year falls on 15 June and here’s their lovely Father’s Day lunch menu!:

As you can see, whether or not you win this, as long as you go there that weekend, your palates will be in for some pampering.

And so what’s up for grabs? There’ll be TWO winners and EACH winner will win:

1) Father’s day lunch for 2 adults

2) unlimited free play for 2 kids

Giveaway starts today (26/5) and ends on 9/6/14!

As usual, it’s simple to participate. Just fill up the Rafflecopter widget below! You can win by simply leaving a comment on this blog post (about why you’d like to win this) and remembering to click ‘I Commented’ in the Rafflecopter widget to qualify. The rest of the options are optional, but would render you more chances to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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51 Responses to {Giveaway} An awesome lunch treat on Father’s Day

  1. Carol Khoh says:

    It will be great to win this for my stay at home hubby, who helps me a lot with coaching our kids with school work and soft skills which are valuable in their growing up years.

    Definitely, not forgetting his love and concern for myself.

    Hope the lucky stars will shine shine on me ✌️

  2. Amie Chen says:

    I feel it’s time to reward my hb for being a pillar in the family, able to support us and enable us to enjoy life without worrying about financial problem.
    Amie Chen recently posted…Of Stamps & Spices @ Singapore Philatelic MuseumMy Profile

  3. adeline says:

    I hope to win for my hubby who has worked very hard for the family!

  4. Diana Teng says:

    Being a Stay At Home mum, my hubby doesnt quite appreciate my initiatives to give him treats on special days – probably because its his money anyway. Haha! This time, I’m gonna really give him a good treat (free from simplymommy!)he deserves so much as the breadwinner and yet always being there to take over me in caring and entertaining our toddler when he gets home. Love this guy!

  5. Jolin says:

    I wanna win this to reward the Daddy to the yummy treats. Thanks to him for sharing all the woes and happiness of parenthood together.
    Jolin recently posted…Big J and the BeanstalkMy Profile

  6. Christy says:

    Hope to win for the awesome dad πŸ™‚
    Thanks for hosting!

  7. Lynn Soh says:

    Hope to win this treat for a most-deserving daddy-and-hubby!

  8. daphne says:

    Hope to win this for my hubby who had been helping around the house even though he has back problem.

  9. Naz says:

    We went over last weekend and my husband loves this place. The food, staff and the ambience is awesome So if I win this I know I will not go wrong and it will be perfect treat for him. Something sweet and simple fathers day to remember with our son.

  10. Shirley Yong says:

    Me and my hubby havn’t had a good meal together without worrying about feeding the kids first, eating leftovers and the untouched. Hope to win a comfortable meal with the kids playing safely in the restaurant

  11. Huang Huiying Celyn says:

    Hope I can win tis giveaway and bring my hubby & kids to the lunch treat.
    As My hubby works almost every day, seldom got bonding time.

  12. Lyn Teo says:

    Hope to win this meal for the wonderful Dad who works hard for the family.

  13. Ade Leo says:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I hope to get a chance to give the sole breadwinner Daddy who clocks a 18 hour workday a good treat on this special day! I’m sure it’d be more rewarding for his palate compared to my simple home-cooked meals! haha.

  14. Teng Chiew Yen says:

    It will be a great treat for daddy & the little one. We’ve not been there before hope we’ll be the lucky one. Thks.

  15. jaime chan says:

    because daddy wants to eat in peace !

  16. Sheron says:

    Hope to win.
    Daddy deserve a peaceful meal at least once a year without him paying for it

  17. Xgg Chan says:

    I think Rochester The Playhouse is an ideal place to celebrate Father’s Day! The playground is a nice little haven for my children to burn off some of their unlimited energy. Hubby and I can unwind and enjoy the lovely lunch in the restaurant, within eyeshot and out of earshot of our little ones.

  18. Nicole Ng says:

    Hope to win for my hubby who took good care of our 3 girls and allowing me to rest well at night… Also a good excuse to check out new eatery…

  19. Yeo Keng Seng says:

    Nice business idea that is family friendly. Would like to patronise them one day.

  20. Charlene says:

    Would love to win this for me and hubby to enjoy a nice meal in peace…

  21. Jennifer Sea says:

    Hope I’ll be lucky enough to win this
    treat for my hubby who has worked
    hard for our family.

  22. Ker Min says:

    This would be a great way to celebrate fathers’ day, which he often commented that mother’s day is always a big thing while fathers’ day is generally less emphasized (even in school). With my retrenchment, this will be a bonus to us.

  23. joanna heng says:

    I hope to win this to reward my hardworking hubby who work 2 jobs and also study at the same time.
    It will be a great time for us to gather together .
    Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  24. Will be great if I win this to reward the hubby and at the same time, I don’t have to cook or crack my head over where to eat out as a family plus the kids get to enjoy!!
    Cen-Lin Ting (Miracule) recently posted…Fun for Free: Singapore Air Force MuseumMy Profile

  25. kit says:

    Hope to win this and brg my hubby and my buddy’s hubby too!!I’m sureboth kids n daddies will.love the day!

  26. Ada Thong says:

    I will like to win this Father’s day lunch as we have never went to the playhouse before and I will like to bring my two young lovable kids (21 months and 9 months) to enjoy themselves with their lovely Daddy and Mummy, moreover my birthday is just coming two days after Father’s day πŸ™‚

  27. Lilium says:

    My hb is very doting and supportive of me. He has been taking good care of our child. Now he is the sole breadwinner of the family, I do hope to win something for him to celebrate Father’s Day. He loves seafood but I do not really know how to cook them except steaming fishes. Hopefully, by winning this, I can treat him something that he enjoys eating. πŸ™‚

  28. Wendy Tay says:

    Naturally, I hope to get this for my hubby, the sole bread winner, who totally deserve this treat. In addition, my kids deserve some goodies after putting in much efforts in school. Well, I would certainly be having my meal leisurely and comfortably since my kids will be well-enterntained and occupied. So, it’s a actually a win-win for all. Hope to win! Thanks!

  29. Andrew Wong says:

    I hope I can win it so I can spend quality time with my 2 kids and spouse together….seeing the kids enjoying themselves at the playhouse while my spouse and me enjoying the nice food there. πŸ™‚

  30. Evelyn says:

    Hope to win a treat for hubby who deserved it !!

  31. rena chew says:

    Hope to win a treat for beloved daddy and at the same time enjoy the time with the kids

  32. Kylie Lim says:

    I hope to win this for my beloved hubby. Being the sole breadwinner, he surely deserved a treat and he will be very happy to play with the kids at this fantastic playhouse as well.

  33. SL says:

    Hope to win this for a most deserving hubby. He is such an awesome dad to our little girl πŸ™‚

  34. Cindy says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! I hope to win the dining for 2 beloved person in my life, my hubby and also my father. My father who has retired for more than a decades has been staying at home to make dinner for our whole family 5 days a week (not easy to comes up with different dishes daily) and my hubby who has been taking good care of me and our girls, be our “driver’ without any complain, sending the girls to school early in the morning on my behalf. Both the men deserved a good treat on this special day.

  35. Finally Mama says:

    So we can hang out as a family in a fun location on Fathers’ Day!

  36. Teo Yee Long says:

    It will be a great way to celebrate Father’s Day. Daddy and mummy can have some time alone while the kids can play. Great giveaway!

  37. Joeanne Shim says:

    I would like to treat my hubby to this wonderful meal as a reward for him being such a good father to our daugthers.

  38. Teo Han Choo says:

    good food and fun time for the whole family! I love it

  39. John Teo says:

    Finally! A Father’s Day treat that I deserve which I don’t have to pay myself! :p

  40. Meiyi says:

    Father’s day treat for both my hubby and my father-in-law; both of whom have helped me care for my daughter, and helped out with the housework (excluding cooking! Haha)

  41. Alan Tan says:

    best way to spend a sunday afternoon, especially on Father’s Day

  42. zhenzhu says:

    hope to have a relaxed lunch with my hubby while our 3 children play.. usually we don’t even get to talk much during meals cos we have to take care of the 3 little ones. And this place looks fun! : )

  43. Audrey says:

    We haven’t really celebrated Father’s Day very much in the past even though my Husband is such a wonderful Daddy. I’m a SAHM and it would be nice if I could bring him out for a nice meal, without actually spending ‘money’ that’s actually from him anyway… hahahaa… another added advantage of course is the noisy boy can go play and give us some 1to1 time! LOL!

    Hope to win! Thanks for this giveaway!



  44. Joanna Gok says:

    My hubby would be ultra surprised if I treat him for a daddy’s day meal. Being a 7-yr old daddy, this is the first time he will get his day. He deserved it!! The girls could get their fair share of fun too.

  45. Shirley Charles says:

    Because my silent hero deserves a treat! And a treat with his kiddos well entertained is a bonus;)

  46. Jess Koh says:

    I would love to win this to reward my hubby – best dad ever. This year mark his first 10th year on fatherhood!! Kids will gotta love it to celebrate together with us.

  47. Edleen Tan says:

    simply because the kids and I adore him!!!!!!!! So very much! It’s trueeeee!

  48. marcia says:

    Hope to win this surprise for my hubby whom feeds the old and young
    Sole breadwinner deserves a treat!

  49. Evonne says:

    This will be a great treat for my hubby as we hardly celebrate this occasion because of our kids. Dining out is rare with him as the sole breadwinner & me a sahm. He deserves a treat!

  50. Jessie says:

    We have not have a nice meal together as a family for quite a while, it will be a nice get together with this win. Thanks for the chance.

  51. Honey Javier says:

    The man in my life is so amazing. I am blessed to have a loving partner, and a responsible father to our two sons. Hope i could treat him on this coming Father’s Day.. A special day to the man i always love.

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