Alicia’s last jab (till Primary 1!)

Alicia had her last toddler jab today… the next booster’s due only when she’s 7. 😀

Her vital stats:
Weight: 8.1kg (3rd-10th percentile) – put on 0.8kg since the 15mth checkup
Height: 78cm (25-50th percentile) – grown taller by 5cm since the 15mth checkup
Head circumference: 44cm – grew 1 cm since the 15mth checkup
Milestones for her age all reached, and even a little advanced 🙂

Overall report and thoughts:
Doc says that her head-body growth is proportionate and she’s still growing overall and not too fast/slow in one particular area so everything’s fine though she’s considered really light for her age. Again, the doctor suggested supplementing with fm for the higher calorie intake since bm is more easily digested. Actually I’m not as against feeding formula as Alicia is. She’s the one that refuses to drink anything else except breast milk – and she only wants to latch on for it. The last time I expressed for her to drink it, she refused it as well. I guess we just have to wait till she’s ready to accept other drinks and other methods of drinking. Currently she’s been drinking a bit of honey water or soy bean drink every day or every other day but the amount she drinks isn’t a lot, and she doesn’t always agree to drink it too. And on Saturdays when she goes for JG class, she drinks a bit of juice during snack time.

For now, I don’t think we’ll be going the way of force-feeding FM since she really doesn’t like it. Maybe we’ll try our luck again when she’s 2. 😀 And meanwhile, we hope she’ll gain more weight from her main meals!

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