Baby kailan with garlic and prawns
Cuisine: Chinese
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • $1 worth of baby kailan (yes! only a dollar for a full plate of veggies! Sometimes I really can't bear to order veggies when we eat out coz it's like daylight robbery....)
  • 6 prawns
  • 3 teaspoons minced garlic
  • a few shallots (sliced thinly, amount up to you)
  • water
  • 5 teaspoons oil (1 teaspoon for parboiling, 1 teaspoon for frying prawns, divide the rest for frying the garlic and shallots)
  • salt/sugar (for parboiling)
  • fish sauce/ oyster sauce to taste
Marinate prawns with:
  • 1 teaspoon hua diao jiu
  • dash of ground white pepper
  • dash of sesame oil
  1. Pluck the kailan into appropriate size/length, separating the leaves from the stalks. Rinse leafy veggies thoroughly as leafy veggies usually have lots of particles.
  2. Shell and devein the prawns, leaving the tail intact. Marinate the prawns.
  3. Heat some water in the wok (add a little salt/sugar and oil to the water). When the water comes to a boil, add the stalks of the kailan first for 1 minute, followed by the leaves as the stalks will take longer to cook.
  4. While waiting for the veggie to cook, heat a pan with oil and fry some of the garlic till golden brown. Drain and set aside.
  5. Using the same oil and pan, add in the shallots and fry till golden brown. Drain and set aside. Reserve the super aromatic shallot and garlic oil for the last step.
  6. Once the veggie's cooked, drain and set aside.
  7. Heat a little oil in the wok and fry the remaining garlic.
  8. Add the prawns. and fry till prawns are cooked before adding in the veggie to mix. Don't fry for too long since it's really just to mix the ingredients together before adding the seasoning.
  9. Add fish sauce/ oyster sauce to taste.
  10. Dish and top with golden brown shallots, garlic and the OIL used to fry the shallots and garlic! :)
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