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I like to start the new year bright, fresh and ready for the new challenges ahead. I’d normally get a new pair of shoes for work, and a massage and facial are also part of my routine at this time of year.

I was thrilled to receive an invitation from My Cozy Room Boutique Spa for their Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial which recently won several awards such as Blissful Brides Award 2022 and Daily Vanity Award 2022. The name of the facial sounds like it would remove all the gunk in the pores; it definitely ties in well with my idea of cleaning out for the new year to start fresh!

The branch I went to was the one at Cairnhill, which is a lovely heritage house.

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa offers a specially designed range of facial treatments, targeted at clogged pores, acne and pimples. The treatment also includes pampering treats using cooling crystals and hot stones for an indulgent restorative session.

I shall share my experience of the Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial in this post.

Once I arrived, we had a short discussion about my skin concerns and I was also briefed on the various steps of the treatment.

We started the facial with a relaxing welcome (head) massage using the gua sha. After that, the esthetician went on to remove my makeup before double cleansing using cleansing milk and a purifying cleanser.

Welcome massage

After my face was clean, the esthetician analysed my skin condition before carrying on with a renewal peel which deep-cleanses and removes dead skin cells.

After that, an ultrasonic skin scrubber was used to gently exfoliate dead skin cells/ impurities. It also helps to remove oil, dirt and cellular debris from pores.

After steaming of the face, this enhanced treatment’s signature step is the Pore Refine Mask which is placed on the face during the extraction process to soften blackheads/ whiteheads for easier extraction as well as to soothe any redness from the skin, thus providing a relatively painless experience.

The mask is kept on while extraction is in progress
After extraction: skin is slightly red

After the extraction was a high frequency treatment to shrink enlarged pores and to treat acne (if any). As I have sensitive skin which is on the drier side, I was also given an ampoule.

The cooling sensation during the facial massage with their Coolight and Collagen Gel was very welcomed after the extraction! The Coolight Therapy helps to calm any inflammation on the skin, heal blemishes and remove redness. The Collagen Gel helps to control sebum production and acne.

Following that was a facial massage which helps to detoxify the skin. After that was the Crystal Eye Massage for restoring eye radiance.

The facial is then finished off with a premium Alginate Mask to deeply nourish the skin and refine the pores.

While the mask was on, I received a relaxing hot stone shoulder massage!

After the facial, the skin is visibly brighter and not as red compared to post-extraction.

Overall, I love the facial because not only was it enjoyable, it served its purpose of cleaning and nourishing the skin. The extraction process is really extensive but I wouldn’t say it was painful or uncomfortable (that said, everyone has a different threshold of discomfort). I didn’t wince in pain or anything compared to some extractions I’ve experienced at other facials.

I could really feel how thorough the esthetician was with removing all the gunk from every inch of my face. I was told that I have clogged pores so I shall strive to do a better job removing makeup from now on to prevent clogging them. Now, that’s not too difficult a New Year resolution to accomplish, right? 😀

I’d say that I felt rejuvenated after the entire experience. The hot stones massage while the mask was on was the icing on the cake. On the whole, I felt that every minute of the facial was well-utilised by the esthetician to ensure that I’d get the most out of the 120-minute session.

I was given some samples of the BeKind products after the facial to try out. BeKind is a local luxurious skincare brand whose products were used during the Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial.

From left to right: Cleanser, Toner, Sunshield SPF50, EGF (Repair Cream), Serum

Of all the products, I love the toner most because right after removing the makeup and washing my face with the cleanser, the toner makes my skin feel soft and supple and the faint floral scent makes me feel so relaxed. The texture of the serum and the repair cream are both not sticky. You might feel that it’s a little sticky on application but once it’s absorbed, there’s no lingering stickiness. Overall, I like how the products feel and work for me. There’s a range of other products as well on their online shop and I’m thinking of getting the renewal peel to add to my skincare range for radiant skin!

Cairnhill Branch:
56A Cairnhill Road, S229667

Devonshire Branch:
125 Devonshire Road, S239884

General Hotline: 86660030

Disclosure: The featured facial and set of sample products were provided for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received.

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