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Another year is coming to an end. It’s the usual time that we get new shoes for the year, be it for work or for the kids starting school. This year, my sneakers are actually still surprisingly in working condition but I have been looking out for a new pair, just in case. During my recent trip to Genting Premium Outlets, nothing caught my eye, so I was a wee bit disappointed. But we did manage to get shoes for the kids.

Last week, Sunnystep contacted me and asked if I would like to review their shoes. When I checked out their site, I was immediately sold! It’s just the type of shoes I need, and judging from the description of it being made for Asian foot shapes which are wider and flatter, I gather that it should work for me. I have bunions so the material and cutting of the shoes are of utmost importance when I choose shoes.

In the past, when I was younger, more impulsive, and vainer, I’d still cave in and make unwise purchases of shoes that eventually end up hurting my feet and earning their spot, untouched, in the shoe cabinet. Now in my 40s, comfort comes first.

So on Christmas Day, I went to the Causeway Point branch of Sunnystep to try out the shoes. After trying on a few pairs, I decided on the Balance Runner – Women in Blush.

sunnystep review

The shoes come with structured insoles and are designed for long walking and standing. There are even acupressure massage points to alleviate muscle strain for long walking and standing.

sunnystep review
The insole that comes with the shoe

As I’m required to be on my feet for my job, this is definitely the selling point. I have my own custom made insoles but the insoles that come with the shoes feel good enough for my comfort so I just keep my custom-made ones in my sports shoes so I don’t need to keep shifting them around.

On Boxing Day, I went out early in the morning, accompanied by my trusted Lumos Tempo earbuds for the train ride. I had signed up for a class with my friend at Baker’s Brew @ Sembawang. Well, no better day than that to test out the shoes! It’s a 1+km walk from the MRT to the baking studio plus another 3.5h of standing while making the cake.

Off to baking class

I’m glad to say that the shoes passed the test. You know how you always have to break into new shoes and there’s always the initial discomfort? Well, surprisingly I experienced no discomfort! It felt like how I feel in seasoned shoes – no pain, no blisters, and no throbbing pain at the bunions after removing the shoes. There’s extra velvet cushioning at the heels so that Sunnystep shoes are blister-free, but I think if your socks are not too low, there shouldn’t be any discomfort anyway.

What I really like about the shoes are the soft and flexible material that can adapt to different foot shapes, even for those with bunions like me! The plus point is that it’s also water-resistant and easy to clean. I work with young children and they have a tendency to literally step on my toes. So being easy to clean is an essential point for me when I choose shoes for work.

As you can tell from the classic design, the shoes are also easy to pair with, so it’ll easily be your new favourite pair of shoes! Another good thing about these shoes are that they come in 9 colours (and 12 sizes), so there should be one that would catch your eye. If not, you can also head over to the website or the stores to check the shoes out.

Disclosure: A pair of shoes was provided for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received.

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