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This comes a little late as it’s very close to Chinese New Year. But just in case you have not gotten your loot for the year or maybe you need to top up your stash, Pineapple Tarts Singapore does offer up some pretty delicious CNY goodies.

I had overlooked their email in December but they were very nice about it and tried their best to accommodate my requests. It’s their last call for the final sale before CNY now so here’s your chance to get some more yummy goodies.

I had the chance to try out these goodies:

Items not linked are unavailable at the time of writing this post.

As usual, I got 2 bottles of the family’s favourite CNY snack – hae bee hiam roll. 1 is never quite enough because it disappears too quickly here.

glorious hae bee hiam rolls

We like that the hae bee hiam prawn roll is quite spicy and has some kick. My mother-in-law also commented that the hae bee does not taste or smell too fishy and the level of spice is just nice. It is not the thinnest prawn rolls we have tasted though but it is still good.

The melt in your mouth pineapple tarts were not too sweet, just nice. The pastry was melt in the mouth but we would have loved it more if there were more pineapple filling inside.

The love letters are also very nice, not too sweet, not too thick, not too brittle. Unfortunately, they are not available now. But there are other variants of love letters with fillings still which you can check out.

love letters and salted egg fish skin

The salted egg fish skin is not too overpowering and my daughter who normally doesn’t take salted egg snacks likes it as it has a nice umami without the strong curry leaf taste. It is also not overly salty like some salted egg snacks. I find that it’s got the right level of saltiness and umami.

Little boy likes the seaweed popiah snack most besides the hae bee hiam roll. He’s a savoury snack kind of guy who enjoys some crunch so it’s not surprising that he likes this snack. It’s very light and you can just keep munching on these.

seaweed popiah skin snack

Surprisingly this year, our favourite snack is the Premium Almond Cookies. My mother-in-law, husband and I love it. It is very fragrant and almost melts in the mouth although it’s technically not in the melt-in-the-mouth range and the sweetness is just nice. So delightful!

Premium Almond cookies and Almond Brittles

The almond brittles were sent over to me because the cuttlefish snack that I had requested for was out of stock. These are also not available now but perhaps you could try these next time if you like almonds.

Overall, I like that the CNY goodies from Pineapple Tarts Singapore are not overly sweet or salty which is very important. Even though it’s once a year that we indulge in these goodies, we should still watch the salt/sugar levels and eat everything in moderation, of course.

So if you have not gotten your snacks or you’re getting some last minute deals, do check out Pineapple Tarts Singapore’s goodies!

Disclosure: We received some CNY goodies for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received.

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