Shepherd’s pie delivered to your doorstep

Shepherd’s pie is a classic comfort food for many. Savoury beef mince paired with a crispy cheesy crust and smooth potato mash – what’s not to love?

I bake my own and sometimes order it at restaurants. But what to do when the craving strikes and you don’t have the ingredients or you’re just too lazy to go out to get some? Shepherd’s pie lovers rejoice, for now you can have it delivered to your doorstep!

Shepherd’s Pie Singapore offers a range of different flavours and you can choose between chicken or beef for the filling. I had the curry beef shepherd’s pie which I find unique and tasty. In my years of eating shepherd’s pie, I’ve never thought to have a curry version. Surprisingly, it was really delightful. Even my kids ate and enjoyed it (with quite a couple of cups of water).

The potato was smooth, the cheese was fragrant and the curry beef filling was a wonderful pairing. We had ordered the Medium sized pie (9 inches x 5 inches) as we weren’t sure if we could finish the Massive one (9 inches x 9 inches).

On top of ordering the Medium-sized pie, I also requested for six Mini sized pies (cupcake size) to come unbaked so that I could keep them in the freezer for a weekday lunch with the kids.

I simply have to defrost it the night before and bake them in the oven for 18-20 minutes after I get back from work with the kids. While the oven is doing its job, we’d just get our baths, freshen up and come out to the delightful fragrance of shepherd’s pie in the house!

Delivery is $7, but there’s free delivery if your order is above $70. You can order these for your meal or if you’re having a party. I find that the price is quite reasonable for the portion size, especially now there’s a sale!

Disclosure: I received a medium pie and six mini pies for the tasting. No monetary compensation was received.

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