Beautiful Blooms for all occasions with Farm Florist

It’s an open secret that I’m in love with flowers and plants. After I #konmaried my home a few years ago, I discovered that flowers and plants spark joy for me in ways that I had never known.

Apart from sending over some classy, versatile storage boxes (you can read more about the ADOR Drop front shoe box in my previous post), Masons also arranged some beautiful blooms for me from Farm Florist.

This is honestly a new arrangement that I haven’t seen before – I’ve seen flowers in baskets, vases, bouquets, boxes but not in a tote!

Farm Florist offers a wide range of flowers at an affordable price.

This is made possible by a few factors –

(1) having a 3000sq ft cold room to house their flowers vs. air-conditioned room,

(2) providing the freshly cut flowers with flower food vs. placing them in pails of water,

(3) being a wholesaler which partners farms from Malaysia, China, Kenya and Holland and

(4) having efficient streamlined operations.

Besides being able to send a bouquet for as low as $25 with free shipping with Farm Florist, you can do so with a peace of mind knowing that they only partner with farms that are sustainable with anti-slavery policies. There’s also flower delivery in an hour if you really need it urgently!

For now, I shall leave you to explore the rest of Farm Florist on your own. You’ll find something that suits you or your loved one and when in doubt, you can always chat online with the staff on the website.

Disclosure: This is post 3/3 of my collaboration with Masons Home Decor. All opinions are mine. No monetary compensation was received.

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