Enhance Kids’ Learning with a Versatile Eye-Care Monitor

Times have changed and e-learning has become part and parcel of my children’s lives. Every two weeks, my boy does his English composition course online (you can read my review of the course here). On top of that, both of my children have to use the computer every week to complete their Koobits homework given by their Math teachers in school.

It has therefore become imperative that we take steps to take care of their vision. We were blessed to have this 24-inch eye-care monitor sent over by BenQ.

Model: BenQ GW2480T

From time to time, we also do some online research with them. Recently, my husband has embarked on learning about a new country every one to two weeks with them:

The BenQ GW2480T has a unique Brightness Intelligence Technology (B.I. Tech.). As the term implies, the monitor, via a sensor, detects the ambient light condition and adjusts the brightness, and or colour temperature of the screen automatically. Students can thus focus on their task at hand instead of spending time dealing with the complicated monitor settings.

Parents can also have peace of mind when children are able to independently work on the computer to complete their homework or research without straining their eyes further. Initially, my kids were using my laptop for their homework. After we have had the BenQ GW2480T monitor, we just simply connected it to my laptop and now there’s no need to squint anymore because of the screen size!

Playing Math games on Koobits
Completing e-learning homework via SLS

As you can see, the viewing distance is ideal now. What I like best is that the Low Blue Light Technology filters out harmful blue light for both good sleep quality and eye health. The GW2480T with Flicker-Free Technology also effectively diminishes eye fatigue and irritation for better viewing comfort and studying efficiency.

For those who’d like to know the key features of the BenQ GW2480T:

 24 inches, 16:9 aspect ratio  1920×1080 resolution  Height Adjustment Stand (HAS)  Brightness Intelligence Technology (B.I. Tech.)  Low Blue Light Technology  Flicker-Free Technology  Color Weakness Mode  IPS panel  HDMI 1.4 / DisplayPort 1.2 / D-sub / Headphone jack

Now that I have this monitor to work with, it has also made it more comfortable for me to prepare lessons or just use it for leisure or blog. I imagine it’d be good for watching drama series or movies too via Netflix if you have your monitor in your bedroom. I just prefer to lounge in bed while I catch up on my shows on Netflix so where I’ve placed the monitor currently is not ideal for that. But since the priority is having the kids work on the digital assignments comfortably while protecting their eyesight, that’s where this monitor will stay for a long, long while.

There’s a National Day promotion (7% off, no GST) from 1st Aug to 31st Aug 2019 so do take advantage of the offer to get the BenQ GW2480T for better eye health!

Disclosure: I received the BenQ GW2480T for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are mine.

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