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I have a confession to make. I haven’t been cooking as often as I used to after I started work in April. I used to cook both lunch and dinner on weekdays but nowadays I seldom cook lunch – unless I have leftover ingredients or it’s a really quick stirfry because time is quite tight by the time I get back with the kids after school.

I was really glad when V-Care approached me for a collaboration because with less time on my hands these days, I really appreciate whatever I can get my hands on to make cooking and house chores easier. Established in 2003, V-Care believes that “no one likes doing chores daily, but with [their] products, you can do it easier”.

I was gifted with a few products to try out with no obligation to blog about and I must say that I really enjoyed the items, and my personal favourite is definitely the Zenez wok. I was getting really irritated with my previous wok, also a Korean brand wok which claims to be ceramic and non-stick. Apart from the constant sticking despite regular oiling which is required once that happens, the handle kept coming loose and that is a real hazard. I even had to go to their office to get the handle fixed and it still eventually came loose. The worst part of it all was that it was a $129 30-cm wok and still gave me so much trouble.

With my 32-cm made-in-Korea Zenez wok, I have no more such grouses!

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No more sticking and what stands out about this wok is its depth compared to other brands with similar sized cookware. This means less spills to clean up at the stove after cooking and every home cook would certainly appreciate that!

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Not sticking to the wok doesn’t mean that it is coated with any toxic substances; it is free of PFOA, PFTE and other carcinogenic components and highly recommended by internal organisations such as KOTRA, ISO14001 and ISO9001 for safe and healthy cooking.

Unlike my previous wok which cannot be washed with abrasive cleaning tools, the Zenez wok can be cleaned with wired metal sponges! But because it is non-stick, I haven’t had a need to wash it with anything more than the usual sponge. I can also cook with a metal spatula if I want to, unlike other non-stick woks which require wooden spatulas. It can also be washed under cold water immediately after cooking unlike conventional cookware. Here’s a video demonstration of the wok I found on Youtube:

The Zenez wok also features a unique thermal spray magnetic technology that speeds up cooking process, saving up to 30% of time and energy! This means that if it’s a dish that takes 10 minutes to cook with other cookware, the Zenez wok takes only 7 minutes! And every minute counts for me when cooking lunch on weekdays because it’s already about 2pm by the time I get home. I’m using a gas stove but you could also use the Zenez wok on an induction cooker.

Zenez wok

Quick stirfry

Zenez wok

One of the kids’ favourite one-dish meals

There’s a wide range of selection – 36cm, 32cm or 30cm cooking wok, 4 litre or 6.6 litre cooking pot as well as 28cm frying pan. Most households in Singapore use a 32-cm wok, and for my family of four, the 32-cm one is a good size. I have been using it now for more than a month and really loving it, for the ease of use, convenience and effectiveness.

You can get V-Care’s household cleaning and kitchen products in major departmental stores (OG Albert, OG Orchard Point, OG People’s Park) and hypermarkets island-wide (Fairprice XTRA AMK Hub, NEX, JEM, Jurong Point). V-care products are available online as well on the following platforms: RedMart and Lazada. You can check out their social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram.


Disclosure: I received some household items by V-care to try out. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are mine.

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2 Responses to Convenient cooking with Zenez wok | V-Care

  1. Tan Kok Keong says:

    Hi, I just bought 32cm wok and tried it but found that it’s still stick on it when i fry egg. Am I need to heat the wok before adding oil?

    • Angeline says:

      Your egg must be at room temperature and your oil must be hot before you put the egg in. You should get fluffy egg without sticking

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