Customizable ErgoSpine Ergonomic Office Chair Review

It’s the beginning of a brand new year! This is a milestone year for our family because the little one enters primary school. #nomorepreschoolersathome *sniff*

Last year was super eventful because we ended up selling our house and buying a new one within six weeks and eventually concluded the year in our new home. And even though there were some hiccups in the renovation works and major delay of some pieces of furniture due to the spat between Taobao and ezbuy, we finally got our place together by the end of the year. Hurray!

Due to the delay of our dining chairs from Taobao, these customizable ErgoSpine ergonomic office chairs we picked out from Primero filled in the gap for more than two weeks. It was a little weird eating at our industrial dining table with ergonomic office chairs but hey, the chairs are really awesome and comfortable.

ErgoSpine Ergonomic Office Chair

The chairs above are exactly the same but the headrest is in a different position. The headrest is adjustable and can be used as an extra back support when needed. Kinda cool, huh? I personally prefer the extra back support when I’m sitting at the desk since I don’t usually utilise the head rest.

ErgoSpine Ergonomic Office Chair

Swing it up and push to lock it in place for the headrest

The height of the arm rest is adjustable as well:

ErgoSpine Ergonomic Office Chair

ErgoSpine Ergonomic Office Chair

Check out the minimum and maximum height of the arm rests

Unlike normal swivel chairs, this ErgoSpine ergonomic office chair has two levers – one to control the height and the other for the back rest:

ErgoSpine Ergonomic Office Chair

ErgoSpine Ergonomic Office Chair

The photo above shows the maximum angle of the back rest. What I find really cool is that it can be locked in place and you can actually take a comfortable power nap on it if need be! If you can get your own office chair, I highly recommend this as an option as it has dual cushions which support your back firmly without exerting pressure on the spine. This helps to distribute the pressure to the left and right back muscles effectively, so you won’t get low back pain and fatigue due to pressure exerted by general chairs.

You can customize the Ergospine ergonomic office chair – choose from a range of colours and also material (mesh / PU leather), and you can also choose if you want adjustable arm rests.

Currently at the point of writing this post, the earliest delivery is SAME DAY delivery. For us who’ve waited for more than a month for furniture to arrive, that sounds just perfect. Start off the new year with less back ache, what say you? 😀


Disclosure: Thanks to Primero for providing us with two Ergospine ergonomic office chairs for our study room. No monetary compensation was received.

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  1. Jon Ergo says:

    Hi. This is beautiful and most of all this will help with proper posture for the back. My favorite is you can make a power nap without being afraid to fall over. Certainly a good way to start the year with less back ache, no?

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