Fraxel DUAL Laser Eye Treatment and Long Pulsed Laser Vein Removal at Halley Medical Aesthetics

Back in January, I posted about my aesthetic treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics to achieve smoother and more even skin tone for my face.

I had brought up the issues of my dark undereye circles and visible veins on the sides of my face with Dr. Terence Tan during my first appointment with him last year.

We decided to focus on CoolSculpting my inner and outer thighs first, and subsequently targeted my knobbly knees with CoolMini. And so when we got all that out of the way, Dr. Terence Tan suggested laser treatments for the issues I had raised earlier.

He suggested doing Fraxel® DUAL Laser Eye Treatment for my undereye area and Long Pulsed Laser Vein Removal for my visible veins on the side of the face.

For detailed information about the two treatments, you can check out my previous post. You can watch my video for the process:

After a few months, I returned for my review with Dr. Terence Tan.

Laser review

That’s me without any foundation or concealer! Only applied untinted sunblock 🙂


The lighting conditions caused some difference in the skin colour but overall I think the difference is quite clear. The fine lines under the eyes have also decreased as a result of the treatment.

Fraxel results


laser right results

Right profile

laser left results

Left profile


As you can see from the photos, most of the visible veins are gone and the darker ones have lightened in just one session! Really effective! Thanks Doc for the awesome treatments and suggestions! 🙂

Laser review

The Laser Vein Removal Treatment (per large area) is $350 while the Fraxel DUAL Laser Eye Treatment is $340 at Halley Medical Aesthetics.



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