My Quick Slim Programme Success at Halley Medical Aesthetics

You may have seen my social media post updates about my journey to achieving my ideal weight with the in-house nutritionist, Jean, at Halley Medical Aesthetics.


Well, this is my final instalment, the last post about my weight loss journey!

A quick recap if you’ve missed my previous post –

My journey with Halley Medical Aesthetics started mainly because of the effects of my excessive weight gain over these few years. The effects of uncontrolled eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle resulted in a massive weight gain of 10kg.

Although I’d reduced my weight from 56kg to 52kg through exercise in 2015 and 2016, and I’ve also achieved a more sculpted look through freezing my thigh fats and knee fats at Halley Medical Aesthetics, I knew that I needed just a bit more help in getting back to being less than 50kg.

When I had my CoolSculpting review session with Dr. Terence Tan, he referred me to the in-house nutritionist, Jean, at Halley Medical Aesthetics to help me achieve my goal as CoolSculpting is for body contouring and fat reduction, not weight loss per se.

Quick Slim Programme x ME

Jean suggested the Quick Slim Programme for me. The Quick Slim Programme ($800) includes: 4 1 hour slimming consultations with qualified nutritionist + 4 doctor consultations + 3 types of medications for 3 months. And if you combine your weight loss programme with their CoolSculpting treatment, you only pay half the price (i.e. $400).

I opted out of the medications as I wanted the process to be drug-free and as natural as possible. It turns out that the clinic received so many requests for non-weight loss medication programmes since I first visited that they have also created a weight loss programme called Active Slim that allows you to lose weight without medications.

For all the sessions, Jean took my weight and measurements to track my progress.

Halley Medical Aesthetics QuickSlim
During my first session, I completed a questionnaire about my eating habits and lifestyle. From there, Jean advised me what I should take more of and what I should replace (for details, please refer to my previous post).  Thereafter, during every session with her, I’d have to ‘report’ what I’d eat in a typical day for her to check if I’m on track, and also for her to calculate if I’m consuming too little/many calories for weight loss to occur without compromising health. Jean also went through some modules with me during the sessions, where I learnt more about reading food labels, making wiser choices, and meal planning.

Halley Medical Aesthetics QuickSlim

Revision with Jean during our last session

As the Quick Slim Programme lasts a few months, I find that what I’ve learnt and put to practice have become established habits for me. In my opinion, this actually benefits me most as I’ll be less likely to revert to my previous eating habits and lifestyle. This programme definitely has long-term benefits in that sense. Also, I’m now more aware about what I put into my body and what I should do to maintain my weight.

Somewhere in the middle of the programme, I realised that it’s really not just about appearance anymore. Deciding to embark on the Quick Slim Programme has changed my life! I’m very active now, very conscious of the need to exercise, and I’m so much more energetic than before. Coupled with the balanced diet that I keep, I feel that I’ve never looked or felt better! And when the woman in the house feels good, you bet the rest of the family feels great too!

In the course of the Quick Slim Programme, I took Optifast once a day (as breakfast). In the second month onwards, Dr. Terence Tan also prescribed me Nopal (a dietary supplement).

What is Optifast | Optifast is a meal replacement product by Nestlé prescribed during the Quick Slim consultations as part of the solution to weight loss. It is only 160 calories, yet offers 14g protein and most importantly, is nutritionally complete.

Quick Slim Programme

1 box of Optifast costs $33. There are a total of 7 packs in each box.

Optifast is a clinic-only meal replacement product that can only be consumed under the guidance of a qualified nutritionist or doctor. It is a clinically-proven meal replacement product to help with weight loss, improve health, and lower weight-related health risks.

There are a total of three flavours: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. I’m not a vanilla person so I went with chocolate and strawberry. After two months of alternating between chocolate and strawberry, I decided to go with only chocolate from the third month onwards because I really love the chocolatey taste! It tastes like really rich chocolatey milk.

What is Nopal | Nopal is a dietary supplement. It is also known as prickly pear cactus. It has a high fibre content, hence it gives a sense of fullness for a longer period of time, thus reducing the need for too many snacks. I’d take two of these at least half an hour prior to my meals so I’d have less compulsion to overeat.


These were the only two items that I added to my diet during the programme.

During the course of these few months, I’m thankful to both Dr. Terence Tan and Jean for their support and encouragement. Jean is very approachable and I could share my thoughts with her freely.

Halley Medical Aesthetics QuickSlim


Well, so here’s the part that you’ve been waiting for. How are the results? Was the programme effective?

Here’s my ‘report card’:

Left column is when I met Dr. Terence Tan for the very first time. Right column is when I ‘graduated’ from the Quick Slim Programme

I think my total weight loss may seem to be not much to some, but because I was already within the BMI range, that few kilograms lost actually made a large visible difference to my appearance. Plus I lost a whopping 5cm off my waistline, down from 72cm to 67cm, without any medication! Not to mention the fact that body fat % has gone down while muscle % has gone up. All in all, the sensible diet, supplements and exercise definitely contributed to my success.

And because I’ve been so well-equipped with knowledge after my modules with Jean, I’m confident that there won’t be any rebound!

Halley Medical Aesthetics QuickSlim

‘Graduated’! 😀

P.S. At the point of writing, it’s been more than a month since I graduated from the programme and I’ve maintained my weight and waistline without Optifast/Nopal.


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