Spurbox subscription box review

As promised in my previous post about Spurbox’s fun classes, here’s my Spurbox subscription box review.

Technically, this advent calendar box I received is not a recurring subscription, but Spurbox has a range of subscription boxes and I would assume that what the boxes offer is somewhat similar in terms of the creativity of the crafts.

Spurbox subscription box

As with other subscription boxes (you can click on the link to view other subscription boxes I’ve reviewed), the activities are packed into separate bags within the box. We actually received the box the day before we went to Taiwan in December and when we got back, the kids enthusiastically dove right into the activities.

Spurbox subscription boxSock craft: stuffed snowman (with rice) – this is definitely my favourite, so it deserves a mention!

Spurbox subscription box

Spurbox subscription boxOverall, the kids needed little help or supervision to complete the crafts. My hubby oversaw most of the activities for this box and his feedback is that this is one of the most enjoyable subscription boxes so far. That says a lot because my hubby is totally not into crafts. 😀

I like that besides having individual craft activities, there’s a jigsaw piece in each of the activity bags which forms a complete picture when all the activities have been completed, which adds another dimension of fun to the box:

Spurbox subscription box

Here are some of the completed pieces:

Spurbox subscription box

Twisting the pipe cleaner to shape really works the fine motor skills


Spurbox subscription box

Just some of the completed crafts

I didn’t manage to feature all of the crafts in the box because the kids played with some of the completed crafts and destroyed their work before I could take a photo. 😀 You get the idea though. And I’m sure you understand the destructive bit too.

There’s plenty of variety in terms of the type of craft – there were a couple of clay crafts (and one with a battery-operated light too!), pipe cleaner crafts, sock crafts etc.

I used to do up my own advent crafts in the past but it’s been tedious having to do a roundup of the activities to be done and also getting the materials needed. This advent calendar box was a lifesaver (and time-saver) this year (we skipped advent in 2015 and 2014 as we were away on holiday).

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The advent calendar box is obviously not available at the moment since Christmas is over, but there are other subscription boxes that Spurbox offers.

Besides the Joy Box (craft box for 2-10-year-olds), Spurbox also has a Sensoria subscription box (for 12+months and above), and a P-Skool: Early Literacy Creative Programme subscription box. You don’t need to commit immediately to a 1-year subscription – you can always opt for the trial box first and see how you like the box!


Disclosure: We received two advent calendar boxes for review. No monetary compensation was received.


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