Pineapple Tarts Singapore {Review}

Which goodies make you think of Chinese New Year? For me, there is only a handful of goodies because those were the staples in my home when I was a child. They are pineapple tarts, kueh bangkit, fried prawn roll (hae bi hiam) and bak kwa.

When Pineapple Tarts Singapore offered to send over their CNY goodies for me to try, it was difficult to resist. I am technically on a diet but I knew my family would enjoy them. And I think eating in moderation is fine too.

They actually offered to send over the Cheese Pineapple tarts but I opted for something savoury and less calories per serving.

This is one serving of the fried prawn rolls by Pineapple Tarts Singapore and 12g of it = 54 calories.

Pineapple tarts singapore review

Can I stop at 4 each time? With tons of self-control, yes. 😀 But for my son, the answer is obvious.

Pineapple tarts singapore review

He’s 5 but age doesn’t stop him from being a fan of hae bi hiam. I think his face tells you how much he enjoys the fried prawn rolls. My hubby and I are impressed by the crunchiness of the prawn rolls, the hae bi hiam is spicy enough (my mil thinks so too), and the amount of filling is reasonable enough.

While spicy food is my boy’s kind of thing, my girl likes sweet food and pineapple tarts is one of her favourites. I’m an ‘evil’ mom so I limit sweet food generally, so I’d give at most two pineapple balls a day.

Pineapple tarts singapore review

Pineapple tarts singapore review

One pineapple tart by Pineapple Tarts Singapore is 74 calories, which is 10 calories less than the pineapple tarts sold by other companies. For calorie watchers, this is good news! 😀

Pineapple tarts singapore review

The crust is is buttery but not overwhelming and the pineapple filling is generous and tart enough for my liking. I dislike pineapple tarts with fillings that are only sweet. Too one-dimensional. Also, although the tarts have less sugar than other companies’, they still taste good.

I personally prefer the hae bi hiam rolls because they are the best I’ve tasted in a long long while.

If you are interested in getting pineapple tarts or these awesome hae bi hiam rolls, you can do so on their website. . If you want to sample the CNY goodies before making a purchase, please drop them an email at to schedule an appointment.

You can also make use of my discount code Angie10 when checking out your purchase to get 10% off. Promo code valid till 28 Jan 2017!

Pineapple Tarts Singapore

39 Jalan Pemimpin

#03-04 Tai Lee Industrial Building

Singapore 577182


Disclosure: We received the two tubs of CNY goodies from Pineapple Tarts Singapore. No monetary compensation was received.


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