Claymore Connect – the newest spot in town

Going to Orchard Road at least once during the Christmas period is customary for us and we recently checked out Claymore Connect when we were in town. If you didn’t already know, Claymore Connect is actually the refurbished Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade.

Back with a refreshing new look, it is definitely brighter, spanking new, and offers more experiences, more convenience, more dining options and more for everyone.

They love snow globes and it was just pure joy for them to be photographed in one!

Having a keen interest in martial arts, the duo were thrilled when I told them I’d signed them up for a trial class at Ch’I Life Studio (#03-03/06).

Ch’I Life Studio promotes positive energies for KIDS and ADULTS of all ages by incorporating disciplined training with practical and fun applications, all in a comfortable and positive environment.

They punched, kicked, did balancing activities, learnt some stances and routine by combining some stances. It was an enjoyable experience overall and definitely piqued their interest in martial arts!

They enjoyed themselves tremendously!

While they were busy with their class, hubby and I took the time to pamper ourselves too. Having to stand for long hours as part of his job as a teacher, it was a good time to get a foot massage before the new academic year starts!:

Cavallo Spa, #02-09/10

Cavallo Spa provides a comprehensive treatment menu including their signature deep massage and body scrub with essential organic oils and herbs, providing total relaxation and pure indulgence.

As for myself, I went to And. A Salon (Hair n Nails) (#02-08) to trim my tresses:

The salon offers an extensive menu of services that includes advanced haircuts, multiple colour techniques, hair straightening and digital perm. While waiting for my turn, I had a cup of cappuccino and browsed through the magazines leisurely. Besides the free flow of delectable drinks, I like that they have a locker so when I leave the seat to get my hair washed, I know my valuables are safe.

Neat and tidy after the trim! The massage during the wash was really relaxing!

After we were done with the haircut, massage and martial arts class, we met up and proceeded to have lunch at The Rotisserie (#02-01 & 17). Good planning and time management at a mall that offers something for all of us means we’re all recharged and happy!

The Rotisserie is a no-fuss, quick paced restaurant serving up freshly roasted chicken and other hearty meals at an affordable price.

This self-service restaurant moves like clockwork with a smooth operating system for quick order taking and pick ups.

The environment is comfortable and cosy:

We had quite a spread, and the kids were especially famished after their class.

Top left: Chicken Schnitzel with potato salad and coleslaw ($13); Top right: Fish and chips ($14); Bottom left: Roasted chicken breast with mashed potato, corn and cauliflower cheese ($12.50); Bottom right: Roasted chicken leg with peas, corn and mashed potato ($12.50)

The roasted chicken was tender and flavourful, but the chicken schnitzel was our favourite! Of the four dishes, we favoured the fish and chips least because we found the batter too thick and the flesh not firm and succulent enough. Overall, the portions are big and definitely value for money.

Chocolate brownie ($6/slice); Lemon drizzle cake ($4/slice); Cappuccino and Latte ($5.50 each)

The chocolate brownie was rich and extremely chocolaty, a wonderful choice for chocolate lovers. Also, the brownie itself doesn’t contain nuts besides the one on top, so I could still consume it (I have a nut allergy). The lemon drizzle cake is refreshing with the zesty lemony sauce. I like that the sauce is served on the side so you can do the drizzling yourself and control the exact amount you like. The cake itself is rather ordinary.

After lunch, we proceeded to Cold Storage (#B1-01/10) for our weekly grocery shopping as well as to buy some items for Christmas.

This branch operates from 10am to 10pm, and is well-stocked.

If you live around the area or you are shopping at Orchard, you should really pop by to check out Claymore Connect!

Promotions offered by featured shops

And. A Salon (Hair n Nails): Enjoy 30% off on 2nd service, for hair/scalp treatments only. *Terms and Conditions apply.

Ch’I Life Studio: Receive a $25 gift voucher for any trial class or package, or enjoy a $50 special 1-on-1 private class trial with celebrity trainer, Adrian Tan. *Terms and Conditions apply.

The Rotisserie: $180nett Christmas Feast which includes 1 x Whole Roasted Chicken, 1 x Honey Glazed Ham, 1 x Christmas Fruit Cake (Good for 8-10pax) *Terms and Conditions apply.

For the full directory, click here.

Claymore Connect

442 Orchard Road, S238879
10am – 10pm daily


Orchard MRT Station (NS22/TE14)

Delfi Orchard
Bus stop no: 091697
Buses: 36, 77, 105, 106, 111, 123, 132, 174, 174e, 502, 502A

Located at Level 1 (Facing Claymore Road)

Disclosure: We were invited to check out Claymore Connect and were provided with shopping credits. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are 100% mine.


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11 Responses to Claymore Connect – the newest spot in town

  1. Irene Soh says:

    Looks like a lovely mall. My feet were aching when i saw the photo of the food massage.

  2. Cherie says:

    Interesting! I didn’t know the mall has been revamped. It looks much brighter and more hip as compared to the old, dingy mall that I remember it to be.

  3. Steven says:

    I had never been to that part of orchard, because I don’t really like to shop in the first place. But seems like can check this out when I have the time. 🙂

    • simplymommie says:

      It’s a cosy little mall so if you don’t like crowds and just wanna hang out somewhere family-friendly, this place is quite good.

  4. Lady J says:

    Woah.. I remember the old Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade! Other than the Subway, didn’t quite dare to step inside. The new rebranded mall looks like a far better place for families! 🙂

  5. Phoebe says:

    I have been missing out Orchard road last Christmas holiday as was away for holiday.. Seems like a lovely mall. Will check it out if we are around the area. 🙂

  6. May says:

    Never knew Claymore Connect existed hahaha Thanks for sharing! Shall pay it a visit some day.

  7. Patrick Pang says:

    We focus too much on the shopping malls in the main Orchard Rd shopping belt. Sometimes, we need to go check around and look for these hidden gems.

  8. Danessa Foo says:

    The last time we went into the old Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade was when a relative held their wedding in Orchard Hotel. It was a little dark and gloomy. I am very intrigued now that it looks bright and oh so inviting. Thanks for sharing. I’m planning to check this mall out soon. Prolly drop by Trehaus (new tenant in that mall) soon!

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