Little Man turns 4!

As with all birthdays celebrated in our family, it was a simple celebration with just cake-cutting for our little boy’s 4th. 🙂

He looks more mature already since his third birthday! And I super miss that baby-ish look when we celebrated his second birthday, so much so I repurposed a magnet that came in the mail and voila, my favourite photo from that celebration’s on the fridge.

Anyway, he fell in love with a panda soft toy when he was 1+ year old and he’s still in love with the same soft toy, so he requests for all things panda if he can. Ever since we chanced upon the panda cake for his 2nd birthday, he has been specifically requesting for the same panda cake and obviously, I had to make that happen no matter what since cake-cutting is like the only thing we do for celebrations. 😀

Look who’s a happy boy!


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