Upcycling a McDonald’s serving sheet

Since there was an interest in my crafts, specifically my upcycled magnets in my earlier post about what I do during my Me-Time, I thought I’d share more upcycling projects with you.

Actually, I’ve been meaning to do this post in a while but I’ve been so tied up with other commitments. Anyhow, here’s a simple upcycling project. Though it can’t be replicated anymore for the time being because this isn’t in stores anymore, I’m still posting it because I think we can all develop an eye for what can be upcycled instead of just chucking stuff away.

This was a sheet of paper on a serving tray at McD during the Minion craze in June.

Ironically the guy who likes to throw stuff away (aka my hubby) was the one who salvaged this sheet home. He passed it to me when he got home and said, “I think you can use this to make something for the kids”. Imagine my delight that finally my upcycling efforts have rubbed off him.

Do you know what I made with it eventually?

Well, I decided that I’d make a simple small noticeboard of sorts for the kids! I cut out a sheet of drawing paper to size, stuck it on the sheet of paper then laminated it and punched the corners.

Tada! That was simple enough, wasn’t it? The kids decided that I should write their tasks on it, and even though my little one can’t read so well yet, they were found to check out their minion notice board at the fridge every day!

I hope you like this and upcycle stuff alongside me! Share with me your projects if you do!


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  1. Sweet Day says:

    That’s very neat! Cute notice board!

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