What I do during my me-time

Me-time became an alien concept when I first got promoted to the status of mom. Everything I did revolved around the baby and it took a long while before I finally got a hang of my new ‘job’.

I recall my earliest indulgences in Me-time activities as a newly minted mom involved logging into a motherhood forum, exchanging exciting tales of breastfeeding difficulties, milestones, decoding what the colour of the poop that day meant and encouraging the newer moms.

It sounds so trivial but that time kept me in touch with the world, well, somehow. It wasn’t the same as going to work and meeting real life people, but it was as real as it could get. And I needed it when I was stuck home with a fussy baby. I needed to know that there were people out there who have the same struggles and fears. And they were people who could empathise with my joy, my pain and everything in between.

A year later , clearly typing in stock responses to people with the same questions day in day out wasn’t making the cut to enriching my day.

So I started blogging. I started with super banal stuff that no one else would be interested in and eventually moved on to the more interesting material (I hope it has been so!) that has brought you to this post now. I can’t remember when or what the turning point was though. 🙂

This blog is still functional so it’s still what I update in my me-time but in the recent year or so, I’d say blogging is just one of the things that vie for my very limited me-time.

I shared how a day in my life is like earlier this year and how I try to fit pockets of Me-time in my day. But that obviously didn’t capture all my favourites where Me-time activities are concerned.

In the past few years I’ve picked up books now and then but since last year, I decided that I’d start reading again. It’s difficult to keep track though since I’ve become more forgetful and more easily distracted. And there are just so many things I want to do so sometimes reading doesn’t make it to the top of my list. Nevertheless, I still treasure the times that I get to curl up in bed to read or at a coffee shop sipping a Kopi O, my brain transported to another land.

Yes, I used the same pic from my earlier post. I’m obviously not stuck at that page 😀

I like working with craft materials but have not ventured into scrapbooking because it’s out of my budget. Instead of investing in that expensive hobby, I would always try to think of how to upcycle unwanted or unattractive stuff to something my family would use.

My most recent project which is still not fully completed involves upcycling free magnets that come in the mail.

Some of these magnets have been around for some time, waiting for inspiration to strike and thankfully I’ve gotten round to doing up some and they are displayed on my fridge. What better way to cover up these magnets than with photos and pretty washi tape (see more washi tape ideas on my Pinterest board)? [All photos printed using the Canon Selphy CP910 – click to read my review]

If you’ve noticed how my blogging frequency has dropped in the past year, it’s not just what I’ve explained in this post.

Many times I actually have to prioritise me time activities and exercise almost always comes first because I think I really shouldn’t get any fatter than I already am now although I must admit that I still have to mentally coerce myself into exercising at times. Exercise, though, is actually very in line with my resolutions for the year.

I do yoga mainly in the afternoons when the kids are napping before I cook dinner. That window of opportunity is unfortunately usually only able to accommodate one activity so if I’m not feeling unwell, I’d do some yoga or cycle on my stationery bike. In recent months I’ve picked up Zumba at the community club and my hubby would babysit for that hour on weekends.

The last and probably my favourite indulgence is playing games on the phone. I know that I shouldn’t and how it’s a time waster but the zoning out and relaxation it provides just draws me to it. That’s probably something that I think you’d agree that one can do with an exhausted mind. I like playing boring brainless games as shown in the pic to chill so I don’t download strategy games.

So there, I think that’s about all I do in my Me-time!

What are your favourite indulgences for your Me-time?


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5 Responses to What I do during my me-time

  1. Angie Yeow says:

    Super like your upcycling magnets! And lol at the brain being transported elsewhere…. yes… that’s how we travel! All the best to prioritising! : )

  2. Carol Lim says:

    If you don’t mind, I am going to steal that fabulous magnet upcycling idea of yours!! Hiak hiak!! It is brilliant!

  3. Susan says:

    I recently tried zumba too and agree that it’s so much more fun than yoga. My dresses are getting tight, a sure sign that I ought to get more active again 😛

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