Her transition to Primary School

On the first day of school 2015

It’s already past mid-January and my girl has settled down pretty well into the routine of a Primary school go-er. I haven’t uploaded her photo at all on social media until I had the time and energy (I’ve been unwell since the start of the year!) to do the necessary editing to leave out details of her school – I always believe in being safe than sorry. Though this is my blog and I have my right to document her progress as I wish, I think not divulging too many details is a prudent move.

Anyway, the night before the first day of school, she went to bed early (she’s always been a night owl!) while I couldn’t really get to sleep. One wonders whose first day of school it was, considering the fact that I was probably the most anxious at home.

When it was finally time to get up to make breakfast, I think I’d just drifted off to sleep. No more hitting the snooze button though because now it wasn’t just about me getting somewhere on time.

Anyway, because it was her first day of school, we sent her to school as a family for moral support so we lugged the little one along even though he rolled around in bed protesting with his eyes closed.

She waved goodbye, gave me a hug and kiss and went into the school, ushered along by some student leaders.

And that was it.

I stood there for a moment, just observing the parents and students. Parents weren’t allowed into the school, even on the first day – we were already briefed during Orientation. I’d thought there might be some parents who’d still insist on walking their child in but surprisingly, everyone just sent their kid in through the gates, not without a photo for Instagram for some of course.

We picked up a happy girl who was brimming with excitement that school is a wonderful place to be. That was reassuring enough for us to hear though there was the hiccup of having lost her pocket money that day – more on that in another post about managing finances. I will be updating with posts about breakfast/ recess, settling down into a workable routine, and as we progress along the year, I’ll assess how well our preparation worked in getting her ready for P1.

Let’s hope and pray that school continues to hold that charm for her.

If you also have a kid who’s started his/her P1 journey this year, please drop me an email/ comment to say how’s the transition to primary school and if you have any practical tips to share with others! 😀

This post is the first of the Journeying through Primary One Series –


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  1. Great to hear that your girl is enjoying her school life so far 🙂 Hope she has a fun 6 yrs in primary school.

  2. Sweet Day says:

    Thanks for sharing! Glad that she is enjoying school!
    Sweet Day recently posted…Look at me!My Profile

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