How Long is Eternity? {Review & Giveaway}

This must be one of the most philosophical titles for children’s books, or at least in my home library.

When Wild Crane Press sent over the book, How Long is Eternity?, I was a little apprehensive at first as to how the book would turn out and whether the story would be engaging. (Click to read last week’s book review of Kuafu chases the Sun)

Hardcover and comes with a little case (pictured)

This story is loosely adapted from The Shepherd Boy, a fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm.

The King asked the shepherd boy,
‘How many seconds are there in eternity?’
The shepherd boy replied,
‘In Lower Pomerania, there exists a diamond mountain. This mountain measures two miles in height, two miles in breadth, and two miles in depth. Every hundred years, a bird will come to the mountain and sharpen its beak on it. By the time the mountain has been worn away completely, the first second of eternity will have passed.’

The first thing that caught my attention was that it was a bilingual book (English version on one side; flip over to read the Chinese version) and it looks very much like an accordion book. And when it opens up all the way…

it’s really extremely long!

It’s also aesthetically very appealing –

The cover for the Mandarin version

Cover for the English version


I’m sure you notice that the English version is in black and white while the Chinese one is bursting with vibrant colours and I really love the glittery portions of the covers. So shallow, I know.

Anyway, I read the story a few times over, and revisited the book once every other day and I realised each time I read the book, I noticed something different. You might discover all of these at once if the book had your undivided attention. But of course, my multi-tasking between getting food on the table, rubbish off the floor, homeschool and just making sure everything is in order and everyone is comfortable, meant that my literary brain was a little dusty and needed a couple of jolts to get it to work.

So what’s so special about this book? Here’s where I show you that my brain is still functional and I’m way more profound than how I appear normally. 😀

How would you explain eternity to children? Or how do you explain the concept of ‘I’ll love you forever’? I’m sure at some point we’ve been asked what does ‘forever’ mean.

How Long is Eternity? is a clever little book because even if the child is too young to comprehend the plot, there are other ways that eternity can be explained using the book.

Remember I said that the book is extremely long when you open it up fully? Yeah, so eternity can be explained as something that really goes on and on, though technically, without end. My kids tried to convince me to let them walk on the book like a balancing beam, though I’m sure mine won’t be the only ones that’d be tempted. They’ve never quite seen a book that opens up that long!

Also, the book doesn’t quite read normally as others – it has a unique four-direction text presentation. You have to keep turning the book either 90° or 180° to read the text or look at the pictures.

The fact that you have to keep rotating the book during the reading experience and how the book actually can also be opened up into a complete circle also reinforces the neverending nature of eternity.

The dull black and white is juxtaposed with the bright hues and coupled with the touches of outstanding glitter, eternity is something that offers us kind of a bit of everything, but perhaps not all of it at once.

My verdict? It’s a book that will grow on you and your kids. Read it a few times, you’d understand what I mean.

Wild Crane Press is kindly sponsoring ONE copy of How Long is Eternity? to my readers.

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  1. Jingxian says:

    We are reading the wolf series for now.

  2. Jaime says:

    coz its kidfest time..i am reading stories from the kidfest!

  3. Lyn Teo says:

    I am reading 366 and more fairy tales by brown Watson with my gals.

  4. Carol Lim says:

    We are reading Timmy & Tammy readers written by a local author.

  5. Robert Sim says:

    We are also reading the Bo Bo and Cha Cha series of books about the jaunts of this pair of panda siblings in Singapore.

  6. Cynthia Lau says:

    Reading fairy tales with my girl.

  7. Chuyan Kwek says:

    I’m reading Chinese story book with my boy now hoping to improve his interest in Chinese.

  8. Mei Ling says:

    We are loosely having a bear theme now so lots of beary books! I also picked up the local “Goh Bee Lock and the Three Boars” by KF Seetoh, that will be our next read! 🙂

  9. Yu Meiyi says:

    Books on animals.We bought a farm animals play set and zoo animals play set for her recently and she will gesture to us to read the books about animals to her.

  10. Ting says:

    I am reading books from Curious George, Dora and Diego, Thomas Train and The Backyardigans to my boy. 🙂 It will be good to expand the genres.
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