Blue Sun (Series) – Homelessness, Grief, Separation {Review & Giveaway}

Last Monday, I shared with you my review of the possibly most philosophical book that has been added to my home library – How Long is Eternity?

The Blue Sun (Series) is another thought provoking read as it propels its (young) readers who are probably unaware and/or fortunately have never been exposed to such difficulties at a tender age to some harsh realities of life.

The books in this series address the issues of homelessness, grief and separation. Of all the three, my favourite is The Cardboard Man.

I was very attracted by the artistic portrayal of a little boy’s perception of a homeless man –

The pages with the boy inevitably are brightly coloured, juxtaposing with those darker, duller shades in the pages of the homeless man.

I also felt that the story is not just for the young readers to learn to offer aid in whatever small ways they can to others in need but also for the adults to remember that the change we want to see in our children starts with us. We are the role models for our children.

He’d not dared to go near the man at first but now his father had held his hand out to him. It is a symbolic gesture and marks the change in the way that the boy perceives the homeless man.

The Taste of Happiness is a story of a boy who wonders what happened to his mother’s smile and his journey to return that smile to his mother’s face.

The mother is obviously going through a rough patch (though it’s never mentioned explicitly) and the story is told from the little boy’s perspective. From the illustration of the petite frame of the little boy on the adult-sized chair, with his little feet dangling in the air, we feel how small the little boy feels in the mysterious adult world, where smiles disappear and the immense difficulty of his task to make his mum smile again.

Spoiler alert – he does manage to make his mum smile – but I’m not telling how. πŸ˜€

The last book in this series reminded me of a recent post I read on Facebook where a preschool teacher shared that her student had told her joyfully that he has a special family because he has two mothers and two fathers.

Can it be possible that children from a broken marriage find closure and happiness in the new, reconstructed family unit? The story explores the emotional journey of a young child – from discovering that the family she once knew had fallen apart to finding her footing and place in her new family arrangement.

Whether or not children have yet been exposed to the heartaches we’ve experienced or observed in our lives, I feel that this is a series of books that addresses some very complex and possibly abstract issues and makes it easier for children to comprehend.

If you’re looking for something different for your children to read, you should really get this Blue Sun (Series) which is going at a discounted price of $20 now (usual price: $40)!

Wild Crane Press is kindly sponsoring ONE set of the Blue Sun (Series) to my readers.

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