Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

Legoland Malaysia was our highlight in October and we had all been looking forward to our holiday right after our staycation at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport in September.

I’d actually arranged this trip months ago! You see, we’d initially promised to celebrate our girl’s 6th birthday at Legoland as she’d been asking to visit Legoland for ages but we couldn’t get a room in July so we had to delay our trip and we celebrated with a staycation at Village Hotel Changi instead.

You can imagine the kids’ excitement when visiting Legoland finally became a reality for them! With the exuberant colours, even we, the adults went into holiday mood immediately!

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

We arrived at Legoland Malaysia hotel about 10am to deposit our luggage and get the admin stuff done for our room so we could head out to the Legoland theme park (click link for a comprehensive overview of the theme park). Although you can only technically check into the room at 4pm, you can always arrive at 10am (that’s when the theme parks open), deposit your luggage with the hotel staff and head off for a day filled with fun.

Actually we didn’t take some of these photos on the first day as the kids couldn’t wait to go to the theme park but I thought I’d put them in here so that you can have a clearer overview of the place.

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

We had to wait quite a bit for a parking lot – the hotel carpark was full when we arrived and it was really by God’s grace that we managed to get a lot in the end because it was highly unlikely that anyone would be leaving at that time, and there were already many cars parking at non-designated lots.

The interior of the hotel was a kids’ lego heaven. There was lego everywhere!

I went to complete the check-in process while the kids went exploring with their dad.

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

12,528 Lego Mini Figures on display behind the check-in desk

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

A knight’s castle that towers into the sky – it was so high we couldn’t get a full shot of it!

Even the ceiling’s adorned with Lego –

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

Besides the spectacular castle, there’s also a pirate ship at the lobby, filled with lego of course –

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

The children’s play area at the lobby is filled to the brim with interactive Lego games and activities with over 100,000 Lego bricks.

If you’re wondering why my girl’s fringe is so ridiculously short, please read this post. I wasn’t responsible for it.

You can have a blast taking photos with all the Lego figurines around –

Sharing their caps generously with Lego man

There’s also an area where you can just sit on beanbag cushions and chill, though this is actually hardly the kids’ choice of activity as you’d rightly guess. Why sit and do nothing when there’s so much to build?

This area near Bricks Family Restaurant was my kids’ favourite spot. We’d hang out here when we had any free time before and after meals. As you can tell, it’s really not only kids who are at work. Kids at heart are also hard at work. And my hubby certainly wasn’t the only one I saw building a house with the foam bricks.

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

The lifts are seriously funky with disco lights and piped in music, my kids always looked forward to taking the lift to dance.

We spent our first night at a Pirate themed room. This was the normal themed room, and not the Premium one. There are a total of 249 themed rooms – you can have the choice of playing Pirate, commanding a Kingdom or embarking on an Adventure. There are 234 Themed Rooms and Fully Themed Rooms (Premium), 7 Pirate Deluxe rooms and 8 Kingdom Suites.

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

All rooms include a king-sized bed for grown-ups plus a separate semi-private sleeping area for up to three children, complete with bunk bed, pull-out trundle bed and an entertainment unit. Yes, there are two television sets in the room – one for the kids and one for the adults. There’s a sliding door separating the two parts of the room and you can lock it for privacy if you wish.

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

I particularly liked the toilet where they had a separate sink at the kids’ height! Great for brushing their teeth (there are also two smaller mugs for the kids) and washing hands on their own!

Because it’s a pirate themed room, the decor in the room, from mirror frame to carpet to hand soap dispenser – everything is meticulously designed to fit into the theme.

There’s a set of Duplo for play in the room and there’s even a treasure chest in the room. You might brush it off, thinking that it’s the safe, but really, it’s a treasure chest for the kids, and there’s usually a Lego figurine sitting on top of it. Follow the instructions on the sheet of paper (found on the desk) – that will provide you with the code to the treasure chest. We were pleasantly surprised to find a small Lego set, Lego-themed pencils and a Lego-man magnet. If you somehow fail to open the treasure chest, you can call Concierge for the code.

As ours wasn’t a Premium room, we didn’t get a view of the theme park, so this was our view instead. I thought it wasn’t so bad since at least we could see some vibrant colours instead of just the construction site opposite the hotel.

On the second day, we opted to stay in the Kingdom Premium Room.

The Premium Rooms are more elaborately decorated as you will see. Where it was a blank wall above the king-sized bed in the normal room, the Premium Room has a themed wallpaper with bunting.

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

There’s also a treasure chest in the room and since ours was the Kingdom themed one, the Lego pencils were Princessy pink ones from the Lego Friends series.

Even the carpet is so so beautiful!

Premium Rooms have a view of the theme park and here was our view from our room –

Rooms come with breakfast at Bricks Family Restaurant so we had ours there for both mornings. It has a capacity for 465 guests but if you go down at the popular timings for breakfast, you’d still have to wait a bit.

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Review

There’s a variety of cuisines available but honestly, the food’s nothing to shout about; the decor within is a different story though.

The buffet lunch/dinner is quite pricey with kids having to pay about SGD20+ and knowing my kids’ eating abilities, we settled our meals mainly at the nearby Medini mall which is a short 5-minute walk from the Hotel.

Since we only had the Combo pass for the theme parks for a day, our second day was essentially free and easy. We spent it mainly at the lobby playing with Lego, Duplo and more Lego. There’s actually also Kinect in the play area but it’s only for two players so if you’re really into the games, you’d have to wait for your turn.

As with hotels, Legoland Malaysia hotel also has a pool. There are two pools in fact – one for adults and one for children.

Other hotel facilities include a Lego retail outlet, Skyline Bar, Business Centre, courtyard gardens, public prayer rooms, handicap friendly guest rooms, pairs of connecting standard rooms, luggage storage and free Wi-Fi for guests.

We really, really loved the hotel, even though there are no bathtubs – not even in the Premium Rooms. The children were fully pre-occupied in their part of the room doing pretend play, building with Duplo and doing more pretend play with what they built with Duplo while we just lounged around and relaxed. 😛

Read our comprehensive overview of the Legoland Malaysia theme park here!

Meanwhile, if you’re considering going to Legoland Malaysia Resort, there’s a current promotion now –

2 Day Combo ticket for price of 1 Day Combo ticket:

When booking online, remember to add on the 2-Day Combo Ticket under the “Add Enhancements” tab. Only hotel  guests benefit from this special offer. Add the combo ticket and get the second day for FREE + Early Access to the Theme Park (at 9.30am).


Disclosure: Legoland Malaysia sponsored our first night’s stay and combo tickets to the theme parks for our family. All other expenses were borne by us. No monetary compensation was received.


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  1. Evelyn says:

    Hi Angie
    Thanks for sharing honest review. Now I know there is no bathtubs. :p But the decor and bunk beds will score big time with my boys! 🙂
    Seemed like a good hotel bathtubs or not! 🙂

    • simplymommie says:

      Yes! The decor is well thought out and the kids had enough stuff to be occupied with while in the room so the bath tub wasn’t missed that much.

  2. Tey says:

    How much is the security deposit that you pay?

    • simplymommie says:

      It’s been some time so I can’t remember. But no worries, it’s just a deposit and will be credited back once everything is in place

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