Little Man turns 3!

It’s been a rather emotional period for me with my toddler transitioning to preschooler status, and with my girl’s impending admission to primary school next year. How could time pass so quickly?

I’ve been patted on the shoulder and back many times by people who tell me, with their utmost sympathy, that my life will get better when my kids grow up – but that’s really not what I’m looking forward to.

How could life be better when the house is quieter with no childish squeals, when there is no pattering of little feet, no more little arms to adorn my neck, and kids whom I can only steal kisses from when they are fast asleep because it’s uncool to kiss mummy? Pray tell, how could I possibly look forward to a life like that (though admittedly, that day will come)?

Celebrating their birthdays is bittersweet because on one hand I’m so happy to watch them grow up and yet I wish they won’t grow up so fast so they’ll always be my little ones. I’m not even sure that makes sense to anyone else!

Well, so anyway, my little one is not so little anymore –

and my beautiful Princess will soon be acquainted with the land of stress next year

I really need all the time in the world to LOVE them and BE with them!

This time my boy’s birthday is even more special because my girl is the one to play the Happy Birthday song for him (I’m her piano teacher if you missed that post; and I taught her the song only that morning)!

And yes, he chose the SAME PANDA cake again!

What to do, the birthday boy calls the shots! Let’s see if it’d be the same panda cake again next year! 😀

Happy happy birthday to my little boy!


Note: This post is a week late because I’m just not very good at churning out posts immediately after events! Especially when I’m super emo!


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