A special 6th birthday celebration @ Village Hotel Changi

After hubby’s memorable birthday celebration – a Village Hotel Katong staycation (courtesy of Far East Hospitality), we were very blessed to have the opportunity to celebrate our little girl’s 6th birthday with a staycation at Village Hotel Changi in July.

village hotel changi review

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Village Hotel Changi makes for a serene staycation. In fact, we’ve been to Village Hotel Changi quite a few times prior to this visit so we weren’t new to its surroundings (there’s plenty of good food within walking distance!) and amenities (two swimming pools – one on the ground floor and one on the rooftop).

village hotel changi review

The lobby

village hotel changi review

A whimsical shot. Yes, there are glass elevators here!

We were gifted the Weekend Cycle & Stay package this time so we were all ready to go cycling the moment after we checked in.

She was already wearing her helmet on our way to the hotel!

I told her her assignment for the stay was to count the number of circles on the headboard. LOL. So evil, I know.

The Superior Room is adequately furnished and comes even with a bathtub, albeit not as fancy as the large in-room bathtub we had at Village Hotel Katong. There’s a clear glass panel as you can see in the picture.

How convenient for us to spy on the little ones while washing up in the toilet!:

Caught in a mid-jump!

The view from our room:

This is the balcony section of the room where there are full-height glass panels

We were given 480ml foldable drinking water bottles as part of the package and it was indeed much easier to bring these out instead of normal bottles for our cycle:

Upon check-in, we were also given a portion of koi feed which we could use to feed the koi in the pond at level 6. When we checked in, it started to rain so our cycling and koi-feeding plans had to be shelved for awhile. Eventually, when the rain abated, we went ahead with the koi-feeding –

Such a simple activity but it brings so much joy and excitement for the kids:

The outdoor area at Level 6

After the feeding, we went to rent bikes! We eventually found the shop after we got the directions from the hotel staff and it’s conveniently located right next to the Changi food centre. The only problem was that they only had one bike which came with a child seat and it was already taken. There were also no kids’ bikes for rental – or at least that’s what we observed.

We actually only needed one bike with a child seat because we’d brought our girl’s spanking new bike to cycle alongside us (yes, it’s her birthday present which she picked out herself the day before). In the end, I rented a bike while my hubby hung out with my boy. We headed to Changi Point Coastal Walk for our evening cycle:

The boys hung out at the playground while we cycled along the coast…

..and enjoyed the scenery and the evening breeze.

After cycling for awhile, my girl decided she wanted to spend the rest of the time at the playground so we just hung around. We were actually given a cycling guide by the hotel but since we only rented one bike we didn’t go far from the playground where the boys were.

A quick selfie while the kids played around

Getting ready to head back

The complimentary bike rental is for only an hour so we headed back and got dinner on our walk back to the hotel – plenty of food choices!!

After our dinner, we headed to the rooftop for our swim:

The sky was a gorgeous mix of blues and purples and we swam till it eventually made way for the night sky. We returned to our room to shower, rest and wait for my girl’s birthday cake 🙂

The kids’ idea of chillax

A generous gesture from the hotel:

The cake was very decadent and it was really generous of the hotel to give us an entire cake for the celebration. But it’s always been our experience thus far with Village Hotel Changi – we’ve celebrated birthdays and anniversaries here and it’s always been a whole cake.

The breakfast buffet at Salt Water Cafe was also part of the Weekend Cycle & Stay package.

There was a wide range of food, from salad, cold cuts to nasi lemak, porridge and the typical American breakfast buffet spread.

We chose alfresco dining which is right next to the swimming pool at the ground level.


Included in the package is a ride on the hop-on hop-off FunVee City Tour Open-top Bus (click the link for details of the three routes and more details about the hotels and pick-up timings).

It’s a chance to explore and re-discover Singapore. And we did just that on National Day. What better day to admire the beauty of our nation than on National Day? Actually, from what I understand from the hotel, the tour should be done on any of the days of your stay (you can do it on the day that you check out) but there was some miscommunication so my ride had to be re-scheduled and we only managed to fit it in on National Day.

It was our first time on an open-top bus and it was really quite a refreshing change and we indeed managed to appreciate the sights much much more compared to when we’re just zipping past them in the car.

We sat at the back mostly, while my little girl chose to sit in the air-conditioned section on her own.

She came out to join us now and then when the bus stopped at traffic junctions.

The kids didn’t appreciate the heat at all, as you can tell. I think I enjoyed it most! 😀

Besides snapping at major landmarks, it was the small details that sometimes caught my eye. You know, the usual ones that we gloss over or never even see?

I had a hard time deciding which shots to upload on the blog – there were so many!

The ride from start to end point takes about an hour, but you are free to hop off to explore then hop on again to continue the journey.

So we had lots of fun but the catch is that Village Hotel Changi is the only hotel of Far East Hospitality that there’s no pick-up service offered by the Hop-on Hop-off tour. This means that you’d have to make your way to the starting point of the route that you choose to board the bus whereas if you’d purchased your staycation package from other hotels in the Far East Hospitality group, there’s a free pick-up service. Nevertheless, as I’ve mentioned, you can go on the hop-on hop-off tour on the day you check out. If you really can’t make it, perhaps you could ask for assistance from the hotel staff – they are very friendly! 🙂

As explained in this post, we don’t do birthday parties, so we’re really grateful that Village Hotel Changi offered us the opportunity for a special birthday celebration for my little girl! 🙂

Village Hotel Changi
1 Netheravon Road Singapore 508502 (Formerly known as Changi Village Hotel)
+65 6379 7111


Details of the Weekend Cycle & Stay package
Disclosure: This is a sponsored staycation by the Far East Hospitality Group. All opinions are mine.

[Note: Even though we love staycations and have stayed at many hotels in Singapore, I’ve only begun to document our stays of late so this is a growing list. You can read about our stay at Equarius Hotel, Festive Hotel @ RWS, Oasia Hotel and Village Hotel Katong]

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    I think I know where to view those special lamp posts. Near Marina South Pier!
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    That’s a nice celebration. Thanks for sharing.
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    We have been to Village Hotel Changi too and it was an awesome experience! Thanks for your review.

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