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In my SAHM Survival Guide series, I’ve shared with you the tips for cooking, cleaning, and teaching/playing with my children and you must be wondering what happened to my 4th and 5th instalments.

Well, let’s just say before I can publish what I’ve written in those posts, I needed to walk the talk first. As you’ve figured out, Part 4 deals with taking care of myself as a stay-home mom.

I’ve emphasised time and again that taking care of myself isn’t being selfish – it’s what keeps me going. If I’m not happy with my role in life, then no one around me can possibly be happy.

Anyway, I don’t pamper myself all that often, but I’m glad that my hubby is willing to take care of the kids for a few hours after work just so I can head off to check out what Passage New York had to offer.

And so I took off for a few hours on two Monday evenings for a massage and a facial (I had to split the appointments because my hubby couldn’t get back early enough for me to be gone for that long).

Passage New York’s shopfront isn’t new to me. In fact, it’s caught my eye some time back with its highly classy appearance. But usually those times I was in the car and my hubby was driving so I had no idea where exactly it was that day when I alighted at Raffles Place MRT station. It took me some time to finally find my way there (it’s at most 10minutes walk if you don’t get lost) but the massage was well worth it!

passage new york review

The spa facilities are actually not on level 1 so I was greeted by clothes and very pretty bags first. With the high ceiling and choice of lights, it actually looked like a miniature hotel lobby.

I was led up the flight of stairs which had an impressive chandelier

And at the top of the steps, there was a quaint looking front desk which I liked very much. The entire place made me feel very comfortable and with such thought put into the elaborate decor, I was looking forward to the actual service I’d be receiving and wondering at the same time, if the massage would feel as good as the vibes I was getting from just being there.

This is the cozy waiting area (obviously I didn’t need to wait as I was barely on time) –

After placing my belongings in the locker, I was whisked to the washroom before my treatment and again, I was impressed that everything was taken into consideration to make their clients feel pampered.


A typical massage room looks like this:

Basically, you don’t need to step out of the room until you’re done with your massage (unless of course if you suddenly need to use the washroom again) because there’s a private shower area in the room.

The bathtub is not a normal bath tub so unless you’ve chosen the hydrobath option, all showers are taken in the standing shower area.

Before my treatment I filled in some forms and was asked for my preferences – if I preferred a stronger/gentler touch, if I am open to using hot stones, shiatsu treatment etc. I actually liked that I was asked because many times when I go for massage, I’m just randomly allocated a masseuse and that person may not have enough strength to massage my tired and stiff shoulders and back.

So we proceeded with a body scrub followed by a massage. While I was left to clean off the scrub, I couldn’t resist the temptation of taking a photo of the place to capture the relaxing atmosphere.

Snapped a pic of the room to capture the ambience when I was left to take a shower after my scrub

I eventually loved the massage because (1) the masseuse had sufficient strength to work on my body; (2) she was very professional and took the initiative to suggest using hot stones as she felt that I would benefit from it (even though in the earlier interview I didn’t ask for hot stones), and she was right of course. It was so, so good.

For the facial treatment, again I filled in a form and conveyed some of my concerns. Of course, the actual treatment I would receive would be decided by the therapist after she’d assessed my skin condition.

Similar to the concept of the massage room, the facial room is fully equipped. This means that the therapist doesn’t have to leave the room to take any equipment or serums or masks. That equates to more time spent on clients! The only time I was left alone to rest was after the application of the mask.

I eventually didn’t get to do the Diamond Peel treatment which they are famous for because of my skin condition. Nevertheless, I got what I asked for – remove the impurities, hydrate the skin and achieve a more even skin tone.

The extraction was a tad painful because I haven’t gone for a facial in a few months and there are some stubborn blackheads. The actual details of the facial are their trade secret so I shan’t mention them.

What I thought was really special overall was this jacuzzi pool which clients can utilise before/ after the treatment (I was told that most of the time, people preferred using this prior to treatment).

As you’ve guessed, I didn’t have the chance to utilise this as I probably was the last client of the evening.

Nevertheless, here’s a wonderful promotional offer!

P.S. I’ve seen the bag and it looks really awesome – I didn’t get to touch it or look inside though. I feel tempted to get this offer myself… but I can already hear my man nagging at having another bag in the house. Hopefully you have better luck in your household 😀 *just kidding*

Terms and Conditions:

–   Valid till 31 August 2014.
–   Valid for first-time female customers, Singaporeans, PRs and EP holders, aged 25 years and above.
–   Prior booking is required, subject to availability. Please call 6226 0888 to make an appointment.
–    Not valid with other promotions, discounts or privileges.
–    Free Leather Bag is while stocks last, designs and colours may vary.
–    Passage New York reserves the right to alter and amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.

Passage New York
133 Cecil Street #01-01 Keck Seng Tower Singapore 069535
Click here for the full Passage New York spa menu.
Tel: 6226 0888
Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 11am to 9pm, Saturday 10am to 6pm, Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays



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5 Responses to Passage New York Review

  1. Diana Bok says:

    I was with them 10 years ago, still left with 1 session but never dare to step into this place. Super hard sell!

    • simplymommie says:

      Ooh, hopefully they have changed their sales strategy then! It is too nice a place to need to be hardselling their clients.

  2. jl says:

    I will not visit this salon as they are not very accommodating towards customers who had been there before.

  3. Hilda Tay says:

    I completely agree with the comments made years ago. It has not changed today – November 2019! There is no respect shown to existing clients-customers if they have no intention of buying more additional packages!! There to purely get you to buy more and more… A smile can turn into a frown if you leave without purchasing something…

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