My little pianist, finally

Almost two years back, my little girl agreed to start learning the piano from me. It started out ok, but fizzled really quickly. She wasn’t able to accept any constructive feedback about how she should play and gave up when faced with the slightest challenge. She only wanted to play the tunes she’d mastered and refused to move on.

Fast forward two years. my hubby and I felt that it was time that she picked up an instrument. I was contemplating starting her on violin with my violin teacher but my hubby said why not re-visit the piano? But, but, I argued, she wouldn’t listen to me. So we decided that we’d find a music school for her to try out. After visiting one of the music schools which came highly recommended by many of my friends, my girl told me flatly that she thinks she’d rather mummy teach her. That was a compliment to die for, considering the fact that the music school we’d brought her to looked every bit like a playground with a mountain of soft toys, toys and erm, four upright pianos.

Still. I was apprehensive. I finally dragged my lazy bones out of my comfort zone, taking the week after the visit to the music school to prep myself to teach her that weekend. Surprisingly, she was a lot more receptive!

Anyway, despite wanting to blog about this re-entry to learning the piano that week, I decided that I should put it on hold for a month and see how we both hold to our promises – me, being the patient teacher and her, the exemplary student. Would I be able to have enough self-discipline to sit down with her each week for a lesson? Would her interest fizzle out like the last time?

It’s been a month and I’m happy to report that she’s more or less done with her first book of songs and she even has Let It Go (beginners’ version) in her repertoire. I’ve just gone to get the next few books from my piano teacher’s music studio (Opus III Music and Arts) and I’ll hopefully get to blog more about her learning journey in the future!

She calls me her ‘piano mama’ and ‘the best piano teacher in the world’. Hmm, I could so live with that! Aww, I’m luving it!


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2 Responses to My little pianist, finally

  1. Carol Lim says:

    Bravo!!! It’s amazing how quickly kids can learn a new thing when they are ready and willing. =)

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