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We were featured in Sunday Times last weekend and though it was just a small snippet and article, I must say that the interview last week made me reflect on what I’ve been doing with the kids, my rationale and beliefs in the way I’m bringing them up, and how I try to do my best to ensure that they have a childhood they would look back fondly on when they are grown.

While the days can get really crazy sometimes, I’m glad I still get to spend the time to put things together with them. Sure it gets messy sometimes, and I have to clear up the mess, but I’m reminded that it’s the way that their eyes light up when they get to work on a new ‘toy’ with mummy and it’s their laughter and hearty chuckles that I’ll never ever forget. Those moments are far more precious than the thought of cleaning up a temporary mess, don’t you think? 🙂

And if you’re interested in our sensory bins, be sure to check them out here (listed alongside other sensory activities):

Here’s the article 🙂

Here’s the link to the DIY mail box that was featured: DIY mail box

And though not featured, this Little Town sight words game we made together’s one of my favourites!:

little town sight word gameFor inspiration for other activities, I shared some in the third instalment of my SAHM Survival Tips series. 🙂


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