And she turns 6!

My little girl turned 6 earlier this month and we had an early celebration for her during our staycation at Village Hotel Changi. I shall save the photos taken during our stay for that post and share something I’ve been meaning to do since she turned 5 last year.

I’ve wanted to compile photos taken on each of her birthdays across the years and I have finally done so!

2 years old – the one and only celebration she’s had with other people other than family (this was taken at Julia Gabriel, Evans Road). More photos about the celebration at Julia Gabriel in this post. We had another celebration with family later the same day.

3 years old! As usual, it’s Emicakes! And this time, she chose the design herself.

4 years old – celebrating in our new home, with a new member in our family!

My pretty 5 year old whose hair is finally growing out so she looks like a girl! She decorated her own cake!

My 6-year-old who is sporting long hair (it was actually longer but I chopped off part of it)

And that’s how much she has grown in this 6 years!

This year on her birthday, she went to school in her school uniform as per normal, but I got my mum to take care of my boy in the afternoon so I could spend the after-school hours alone with her. We’d planned on decorating a cake again, but we arrived at the shopping centre to only find that the shop had closed down that very week, so we bought a cake from Emicakes of her choice and went to indulge in a gelato (which is very rare for us).

It sounds like a super mundane sort of celebration, and admittedly, it is. Amidst all the Elsa birthday parties which seem to get more and more elaborate (we met a mum the other day who made an Olaf pinata and baked her own Frozen themed cake!), I’m glad she finds contentment in just spending time with mummy. She’s never had a real birthday party as I’ve mentioned because we’re just not into parties, but never has she ever thrown a hissy fit because we said ‘no’ to having a party or ‘no’ to giving out goodie bags. And that is just one of the many reasons why she is such a sweet little darling.

Happy birthday my darling!


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  1. Sweet Day says:

    Awww!!! How sweet! I love your kids’ smile!
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  2. Awww. She’s adorable. Happy birthday, precious!
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