Breathe Easy, Mama

It ain’t being easy being a mama (or a papa, for that matter). Whether or not you stay home, as a mum, there’s just so much that you need to manage. Ever since my status was elevated to that of mama, I’ve had to manage my time spent on household chores, cooking, and the children, the finances, zip through many roles in the span of a day, and constantly manage my own expectations of what a mum should be or do to avoid the mummy guilt at the end of each day. After a minor burnout in May, I’ve come to realise the one thing I should not be managing (surprise, surprise!) – my children.

You see, my children are not part of my to-do list, something to strike off when I’m done ‘managing’ them for the morning, afternoon or when they’ve finally gone to bed.

When I finally remembered my role in their lives – as their beloved mama, and not someone constantly trying to get this and that done, or to get them to do finish this or that  – I found that days passed more meaningfully, more peacefully, there were more tender moments, more kisses, less shouting and less policing. I had learnt to breathe easy, to take things slow (why rush the kids?) and enjoy them in the sweetest and cutest time of their lives.

So I started screaming less and laughing more,

This cheesy-nosed boy would have definitely gotten an earful from me a few months ago!

and allowing him to do more tasks.

Helping to pound freshly air-fried flat fish to make wantons – but actually he was eating more than he was pounding.

Watching him wear his Drypers DryPantz is like watching him perform a mini tribal dance as he’d skip about on the bed while pulling the diapers up.

Ah, you see, Drypers Drypantz has not only given him the satisfaction of new-found independence of putting on his own diapers a couple of months back, it’s also given him confidence enough to try putting on his clothes and he has finally succeeded last month!

His ability to dress himself after his bath has freed up a few minutes of time for me to catch a breath, make an extra cup of coffee, chomp on some cookies while hiding in a corner of the kitchen (hoping he won’t come out too soon), oh and to drink that coffee I made!

Most importantly, I think, ever since we made the switch to Drypers Drypantz, it’s allowed us to breathe easy all this while, knowing that he’s as comfortable as he can be, we can easily change him when we’re out and it won’t ‘explode’ or sag to the knees (eeks!) if we go for a tad too long without a diaper change.

While I’ve only made the switch for both my kids to Drypers Drypantz after they could walk, you can actually upgrade your baby to Drypers Drypantz as early as when they reach 7kg! Imagine how much easier diapering would be for a squirmy baby who can’t wait to crawl off to explore the world! Also, because the new and improved Drypers Drypantz now has Comfort Fit™ comprising of a softer cloth-like material and added breathability in the diaper, especially around the waistband, babies can enjoy even greater softness, air circulation and comfort. Bid adieu to red marks and plasticky discomfort!

The ultra soft waistband helps to avoid red marks while reducing pressure on baby’s tummy while providing a comfortable snug fit.

Just the other night, to my horror, I discovered I hadn’t a single Drypers Drypantz left after his night bath (he’d been taking the diapers on his own for a while now so I haven’t noticed!) and had no choice but to use another brand’s diaper which had been stuffed in a bag and forgotten. I was left with hardly a choice – it was either he went without diapers or wear that old diaper for the night. I had a terrible sleep that night because he fussed the night through, complaining that the diaper at his waist was making him uncomfortable. It was something I’d taken for granted all this while I guess, and he’s been so pampered with the softness of Drypers Drypantz.

Softie is a fluffy little cloud that embodies softness and comfort, just like the unique technology which goes into making Drypers Drypantz’s waistband extra soft, gentle and comfy on baby’s skin. Airy is a colourful little pinwheel that embodies breathability and better air circulation. Drypers Drypantz’s extra breathable waistband helps reduce pressure formed on the skin at baby’s tummy and waist area, creating a more comfortable fit for baby.

Y’know what, Drypers Drypantz’s new mascots Softie the cloud and Airy the pinwheel are really adorable, but I guess the lesson my boy taught me that night drove the point home. If I want to breathe easy, and have the privilege of having a good night’s rest, I’d better make sure he’s in his favourite comfy diapers!


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Disclosure: This is part of a series of sponsored conversations between Drypers and Simply Mommie. All opinions are mine.


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