Make bedtime magical with Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting

When I was young, I used to sleep with my mum. Like most dads, mine was banished to the other room. And even though I slept in her room, the fact that my going to bed much earlier than her meant that I had to sleep in the dark on my own *gasp*. Many times I had to ask her to turn on the light of the master bedroom toilet because there were scary shadows everywhere, every time I peeked out from behind my bolster. The drawback was that the light was too bright and I ended up finding it too difficult to sleep. *sigh*

Back then, I didn’t have a night light – it’d have made things so much simpler for my parents and I, don’t you think?

Our kids’ generation has it so much better! There aren’t only night lights, there are even super duper cute ones, soft and cuddly illuminating lights (I really don’t know how this could be made possible!) and even projector lights.

We were enthralled by the magic Philips and Disney Imaginative lighting brought to bedtime. Scary monsters, you’d better watch out. You’re no match for these incredible lights.

We had a sneak peek of the range of lights in late April where the kids attended their very first slumber party!

philips disney imaginative lighting

Everyone loves Mickey and Minnie and these lights aren’t just cute, they are SoftPals – and as the name suggests, they are so soft, the kids can hug them to bed as they emit a soft warm comforting glow which isn’t overwhelmingly bright to disturb their sleep.

If there’s ever a need to fight off bedtime monsters, I can’t think of anything more appropriate than Mike and Sulley from Pixar’s Monster’s Inc. And Sulley’s my personal favourite of the entire series of lights.

philips disney imaginative lighting

These are SoftPals too!

The kids just couldn’t get enough of the lights all evening!:

While the kids were having fun, we had an engaging time listening to three kids who shared with us their bedtime fears and how these lights have helped them overcome their fears.

I found the Philips & Disney Projector Lights particularly outstanding! Not only do they illuminate the bedroom, they provide the perfect way to transform scary shadows in the dark into an imaginative wonderland with scenes from their favourite Disney Princesses stories or Cars.

philips disney imaginative lighting

This range of Philips & Disney night lights are mounted on the wall and emit a gentle light that comes on with a simple wave of the hand, so there’s no need to fumble for a switch – so child-friendly!

philips disney imaginative lighting

According to the child sleep expert, Tammy Fontana, who was the speaker for the evening, “Suitable and quality lighting is important, and can help children and their parents get more peaceful sleep. The right night light can help train or correct your child’s sleeping behavior for better development”. Well, it seems then that the Philips & Disney lighting range will be an excellent investment for better sleep for everyone in the family!

Tammy sharing with us children’s sleeping patterns over the growing years and how best to help ease the little ones into bed

It wasn’t too long before we got our hands on ours and we were so blessed to have received Sulley even though we hadn’t indicated our preferences!

The 12 hours that we needed to charge Sulley were the longest 12 hours the kids had to endure. I almost went mad saying no to their constant refrain, ‘Is he ready yet?’

No batteries needed – just charge away!

Eventually, when he was ready, I turned off the light and gave her a surprise when she emerged from her shower!

Look who’s waiting for his pal to come to bed!

After a nice, warm shower plus bedtime stories, cuddles, and a rubdown with essential oils, I’d send off my little ones to bed. Since I still co-sleep with my boy as I’m still breastfeeding, Sulley naturally became hers, at least at night when she sleeps in her fire engine bed in the adjoining room 🙂

Oh look! This set of PJs has suddenly become the hot favourite… no prizes for guessing why!

We simply love the SoftPal because it’s so soft, you can hug it to bed, and it always stays cool to the touch, no matter how long it’s left on. There aren’t any switches either – simply tilt him to turn on/off the light.

So does my boy get to use Sulley? Yes! But not so much as a night light! He just loves to hug it and bring it everywhere. It’s squishy, remember?

Lastly, the Philips & Disney lighting range also includes torchlights (Winnie the Pooh and Jake the Pirate) for the little adventurers to maneuver around in the dark to the dangerous Land of the Toilet in the middle of the night!

Look who’s been spotted!

My kids love to play with their Pooh torchlight after lights-off, and sometimes in the day too – the perks of having black-out curtains! Bring on the lights!

So sometimes instead of just spinning the torchlight round and round in circles and getting dizzy and high, we play games. Games like ‘What’s that letter’, ‘What sound does ‘A’ make?’ and with my girl, it’d be ‘Read that Chinese word’. Makes learning more interesting for sure! 🙂 Bonus – I get to lie down in bed to conduct those lessons.

Upper and lower case letters written on post-its, stuck around the room for the little explorer

But most of the time, it’d just be this:

Having a good time with each other. Having a hearty laugh.

Creating beautiful memories. Having a magical time.


The Philips and Disney lighting range is available online, and from June 2014, the lights will be available at selected departmental, and mother and childcare stores. Prices are as follow:

  • Philips and Disney SoftPals: $72.90
  • Philips and Disney Light and Image Projectors: $38.90
  • Philips and Disney Night Light: $24.90
  • Philips and Disney Torch Lights: $19.90


Disclosure: This is an advertorial. All opinions are mine.


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