The woman in my life

I have a man I love with all my heart. But I confess. There is a woman in my life. A woman so important and dear to me.

My first love notes were written to her. My first kisses planted on her lips. My heart was hers and she was my universe.

She taught me the values of thrift, honesty and to always live with integrity. She taught me how to love, to listen and feel with my heart. She showed me the meaning of resilience when dad lost his battle to cancer when I was 10. She showed me how strong a woman could possibly be, to raise two children on her own.

You see, without her, I would not have existed. Without her, I would not have had the chance to develop my talents. Without her, I would not have become the woman, wife, and known what it means to be a mother today.

I thank God for giving her to me. My mum, the woman in my life. The best mum in the world.

Happy mother’s day!



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2 Responses to The woman in my life

  1. cherie says:

    Lovely picture with your mum. I feel a little heartache reading this because I never felt close to my mum all these years. We can’t really quite talk properly without ending in quarrels. =/

    • simplymommie says:

      Thank you for dropping by, Cherie. Take it one step at a time. I’m sure things will improve! 🙂

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