Yakult Maroyaka Kale review

Yakult launched their health foods range in Singapore last month and I had the opportunity to try out a box of Maroyaka Kale.

I’ve always been interested in kale because of the health benefits. And ever since my girl started on semi-solids years ago, I’ve been thinking about getting some kale, but as usual, the procrastinator has managed to put off buying kale all these years. Kale is rich in B-carotene and calcium, as well as vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium and chlorophyll. And according to Yakult, their Maroyaka Kale powder offers consumers the goodness and benefits of premium kale. So when I heard about the kale powder, I just had to give it a go since it’s so conveniently packaged and I didn’t even need to wash the veggies or cook it. Dissolve it in water, milk or yogurt or any drink of your choice (or even as a topping for ice-cream!) and voila – veggie delight!

It dissolves so quickly even without any stirring yet!

To be fair, if you’re reading this review, you or someone you’re trying to feed vegetables is probably not much of a veggie lover. You’d be glad to know that one satchet needs to be dissolved in only 100ml of liquid. Take a couple of gulps and it’s finished. Now you’re tempted huh?

maroyaka kale

Taste-wise, I find that it’s not overwhelming, it’s still very fluid in that 100ml of water, and doesn’t even come close to the thick, gooey type of veggie drinks I’ve had before. You know, the type that makes you gag immediately. I’m a vegetable lover so if a vegetable drink makes me gag, it must be bad but this one is really light.

Now for the source of the kale – I’m sure you’d want to know how the kale is grown and how it is processed. Yakult’s Maroyaka Kale is cultivated without the aid of agrochemicals, chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The Maroyaka Kale powder is derived using an integrated manufacturing process – the leaves are plucked at dawn and delivered to the factory in its freshest state where it is powderised using minimum heat. More information about the product is clearly labelled on the packaging:

The Maroyaka Kale powder is just one in Yakult Health Foods newly launched range of supplements. Other products include Watashi No Aojiru (juice of young barley leaves in powder form), glucosamine, CoQ10, royal jelly, bilberry extract and collagen supplements The complete range of Yakult Health Foods are available at Guardian Pharmacy outlets with prices ranging from S$43.90 to S$119.90.

The Yakult Maroyaka Kale powder retails for an introductory price of S$79.90 from now till 30th September 2014, after which the usual price of S$87.90 would apply.

Abeille D’Or website | Yakult Health Foods Facebook Page

Disclosure: I was invited to the launch of Yakult health products by AT Marketing Consultancy and received a box of Yakult Maroyaka Kale powder and was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.


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