Easter egg hunt

easter egg hunt

It’s the time of the year where cute little chocolate eggs can be found in all supermarkets. Needless to say, we couldn’t resist picking up a bag of those and since I still had the plastic eggs from a couple of years back (when I did up the Easter egg word families) plus some chicks, I put together a quick easter egg hunt once we got back from the supermarket.

Cute chicks – check! Plastic eggs – check! Chocolate eggs – check!

Since it was already night, I hid the eggs all over the house instead of venturing outdoors. In any case, I doubt we’d play this game outdoors as I wouldn’t want the billions of ants outdoors to get to the chocolate before the kids do!

In six of the plastic eggs I put chocolate eggs and in the remaining eggs, I put chicks.

Each time they found an egg, my girl would hold it in her hand, shake it and based on the weight and sound declare what they’d found. There would be a squeal of delight when a chocolate egg was found while a little sigh when it was a chick.

They weren’t allowed to open the eggs until all the eggs had been found. Eventually when they found the eggs, they worked through all the eggs at lightning speed. The power of chocolate – you see, they only have chocolates on special occasions so this was definitely a treat!

Fixated on opening the wrapper. A rare moment of silence in the house.

Really trying very hard.

We subsequently played this game a few more times – and even without the bait of chocolate eggs, my little girl still loves to play this game! It’s fun, takes about 5 minutes to set up and you get at least 10 minutes to drink your coffee! Bonus – treat yourself to some chocolate while you’re at it. 🙂


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